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January 23, 2020

10 Simple Ways to Drink More Water

It can be difficult to get your daily recommended intake of water every single day. What if you don’t actually like drinking water? What if you don’t think about drinking water until you get to the very end of the day?

There are some really easy ways to not only trick yourself into reaching for that glass of water, but also increase your intake each day without much thought. Hydration is so important for all aspects of health, so working towards sipping more often will go a long way for reaching your best overall wellness. 

10 Easy Ways to Drink More Water Everyday

  1. Bring your own.
    Bring a reusable water bottle with you wherever you go, and fill it up every time it gets low. Choose a double-insulated variety so that it stays nice and cool all day long! 
  2. Water goes out - put more in!
    This includes sweating, crying, and… *ahem* bathroom time. Anytime water goes out, remind yourself to replenish it.  
  3. Set a reminder.
    Whether through a recurring calendar appointment (with notification) or just a reminder set on your phone, make a tone alert you that it’s time to take a drink of water about 3-4 times per day. This is particularly helpful for office workers, or anyone that sits at a desk all day. 
  4. Swap for better beverages.
    Alcohol dehydrates you, and soda contains a lot of calories and sugar. Try swapping that mixed drink or soda for sparkling water with True Lemon instead. You’ll not only be more hydrated at the end of the day, but take in less calories too.  
  5. Use True Fruit Infusions.
    Excellent for people who don’t enjoy the taste of water or for those trying to cut back on their soda intake, our True Fruit Infusions are a tasty addition to water made with simple, clean ingredients and no added sugar. We even have a brand new exciting flavor to try: True Lime Fruit Infusions Lime Cherry!
  6. Crunch on veggies.
    You know what gives vegetables that satisfying crunch? WATER. Crunch your way through vegetables like cucumbers, zucchini, asparagus, carrots, celery, and lettuce. The crunchiness will help hydrate. 
  7. Make it mindful.
    When you slow down, chew your food fully, and really take your time to eat, you can incorporate more sips of water throughout your meals. You may even find that slowing down meal time actually helps you feel fuller faster and eat less. Here are tips on how to eat more mindfully
  8. Not too cold.
    When water is full of ice or too cold, we unconsciously slow down sipping. Try drinking room temperature water or asking for no ice in your water at a restaurant. You may be surprised how much more you drink.
  9. Fill your bottle the night before.
    Add a packet of True Lemon Energy Blueberry Acai in there too, and give it a gentle shake. Set your bottle right next to your keys so that you grab the water bottle while you’re leaving the house. You may find it works better than coffee (or at least with your coffee). 
  10. Make it visual.
    Keep your water bottle right in front of you, on your desk, in your car, or in your bag at all times. You can even take a picture of a glass of water and use it as your phone background to remind you it’s time to have a drink! 

Even if you don’t like drinking plain water, following these tips will help you get more excited about reaching for a glass of H2O. Looking for more tips on how to drink more water? We have you covered.


True Citrus products are proven to encourage you to drink more water, so try any of our delicious flavors in your glass or water bottle to stay hydrated all year long. 

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