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December 20, 2016

Top Ways to Burn Major Calories and Fat!

Although we know that burning calories isn't the end-all-be-all with losing weight, we do know that it contributes to a healthier lifestyle. And hey, if there's a way to do it with minimal effort, why not?

Make the most of your daily energy, and follow some of these tricks! You can slim down that waistline without using up any more of your valuable time.

5 Ways to Burn More Calories and Fat Every Day

  1. Try interval training.
    Interval training is when you work out hard for a quick burst, then rest for a short period of time. Often it's a combination of weight training, cardiovascular activities, and stretching. It works to boost metabolism, and makes your exercises go further than just a sustained low-level workout would.
  2. Get more sleep.
    When you haven't clocked in enough hours snoozing, the result is a drop in blood sugar. This is linked to a false reading by the brain that you're hungrier than you actually are. Also, you'll be less likely to plan out healthy meals for the day if you're only half-awake and dragging.
  3. Sip on lemon water.
    Adding a little lemon to your usual daily allotment of H2O will go well beyond the benefit of plain water alone. Lemon contains a type of fiber called pectin which will help you feel fuller for longer. It'll also help you stay tempted to keep drinking since it tastes delicious! Staying hydrated is also the best way to avoid any confusion of hunger instead of thirst.
  4. Eat fat.
    Yes, that means the whole egg, with a slice of whole grain toast slathered in coconut oil. Eating healthy fats are continuously being linked to good health, and in turn sugary breakfast cereals are not. Omega-3 fats (from fish) especially help balance blood sugar and regulate metabolism. Cells also yield the highest amount of energy from fat, which means if you aren't getting enough your body will hold on to it to store for later. Too much isn't good either, so it's all about balance!
  5. Drink more tea.
    Not only does drinking tea help to support anti-aging, but it aids in digestion and with burning calories efficiently. Green and oolong teas are packed full of catechins, which improve fat oxidation. Add a packet of True Lemon to make those natural healthy qualities go even further!
[Credit: Gould, Hallie. 8 Ways to Burn Major Calories No Matter What You're Doing. Byrdie.]