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February 13, 2017

Ways to Love Yourself This Valentine's Day!

Although love is wonderful when found with another person, the first step comes with learning how to love yourself! If you want someone else to love you entirely, it's important to work towards being completely in love with YOU first.

This Valentines Day we challenge you to do just that. Treat yourself, inside and out, the way that you would treat someone you love - with respect, trust, understanding, and care. Here is how to get started. 

6 Ways to Love Yourself this Valentine's Day

  1. Begin with a positive attitude.
    It's important to put your mind in a calm and happy place in order to create that atmosphere of love. Write little love notes to yourself and hide them around the house that say things like, "You look beautiful today!" or "This day is going to ROCK." or "You are amazing, smart, and capable of anything." Whenever you find a note, repeat it to yourself throughout the day. It's your positive mantra!
  2. Ask friends what they love about you.
    Asking the people you love why they're crazy about you can be a very helpful exercise. Sometimes seeing yourself through another persons eyes help you to visualize everything a little more clearly. Let your friends remind you of how special you are, and carry those thoughts in your heart at all times.
  3. Stop waiting until you look perfect to love your body.
    The truth is, whatever perfect means to you, that day may never come. You can't wait forever! Start looking at the beauty of your appearance now, and begin to change your perception. You look perfect and beautiful right now!
  4. Take care of yourself on the inside.
    The best way to glow on the outside is to take care of everything on the inside. By filling your body with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, plenty of water, and sweating out toxins with a steady exercise routine, you'll feel good and look good. Taking care of your body shows that you care about yourself and your future health. And that's beautiful!
  5. Do something you consider a treat.
    Get a massage, take a book to a coffee shop and read for a couple of hours, or buy a special piece of jewelry you've always wanted. Who says you need a significant other to get these things for you? You're a special person, and you should treat yourself. You deserve it!
  6. Take yourself on a date!
    Get dressed up and go to the movies to watch something YOU really want to see. Buy the biggest popcorn possible (skip the butter though, and add a sprinkle of True Lime Garlic and Cilantro), and enjoy! Take yourself to a bar for a fancy drink afterwards. Use the time to relax, chat with the bartender, and have fun on your own. It's wonderfully empowering to be able to go on a date with yourself!

Will you be your valentine?

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