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February 07, 2018

Weight Loss Tips from Naturally Healthy People

Do you ever feel like you're constantly trying to balance too many things at one time? One moment you're on track with fitness, but your diet is suffering. You may start to get great at meditating every day, then you realize you haven't been drinking enough water. It seems that whenever you have one thing nailed down, something else gets thrown off track.

So how do some people seem to effortlessly find balance? Their weight doesn't fluctuate, and they seem to never worry about maintaining a healthy body. What are they doing differently?

How "Naturally Thin" People Stay Healthy:

  • They do not follow fad diets.
    Although there may be some weight loss success in the beginning, following a strict diet that claims to be the perfect way to eat is not sustainable in the long run. Our bodies are very different from one another, and finding the right combination of nutrients that works best for your particular body is more valuable than following strict guidelines that are supposed to fit everyone. When it comes to dieting, it's better to change what you eat to more nutrient-dense foods, stopping eating when you're full, and being mindful about your choices.
  • They take a while to eat their meals.
    Just as we outlined in the point above, these people are being mindful about their eating habits. They chew each bite thoroughly and take their time to slowly enjoy every moment. They love food and have a good relationship with it, so they taste every morsel and leave the table feeling happily satisfied, not rushed or stuffed.
  • They keep moving.
    As humans, we were not built to be sedentary all day. We find it difficult to fit in a workout each day, and yet most of the time were sitting in the car, at a desk, or on the sofa. So why are some people always getting in their 10,000 steps each day and maintaining healthy levels of fitness? Because they move all the time. They walk to the store instead of drive, they ride a bike to commute, they opt for a stroll through the woods after dinner instead of mindlessly flipping channels. They find ways to keep moving!
  • They cook meals at home.
    It doesn't cost a lot of money or take a lot of time to build healthy and nutritious meals at home, and these people embrace the task each and every day. It takes a little planning ahead, but having the foresight to be prepared for a busy week will do wonders for managing your weight. This is an excellent place to start with meal planning.
  • They choose to eat the way they do because they care.
    A balanced diet isn't all about maintaining a healthy weight for these people. Having a healthy weight is an added bonus, not the reason why they choose to eat the way they do. Think about it this way: how often do you hear about a vegetarian cheating on their diet? Probably not very often, as their diet choices are based on their values rather than weight loss alone.

People that seem to effortlessly manage their weight aren't magical beings. They have simply found good methods for instilling healthy habits throughout their everyday lives. Following their guidance is a great way to be more mindful about improving your own routine!

[Credit: Rose, Darya. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Foodists. Summer Tomato.]