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January 15, 2015

Why the Weights Can't Wait

Weight training has long been stereotyped as an activity only fit for people looking for enormous muscle growth. Indeed, most women still believe that cardio (i.e. running on the treadmill, working out on the elliptical) is the best option for getting fit and losing weight. Nowadays, however, many studies are showing that weight training is actually the ideal way for females to shed excess fat, decrease stress, gain strength and combat heart disease, among many other worthy health benefits. So, forget about the old mythheres why you should start hitting the weight room today: 1. Forget the Bulk: Many women avoid the weight room because they fear bulking up. In fact, only around 20% of women weight train consistently. But the truth is, unless you are taking steroids or have excess amounts of testosterone, weight training will simply work to tone, strengthen and lean out your muscles, transforming your body into something closer to a bikini model than a body builder. 2. Shed Pure Fat: Weight training causes your body to trim pure fat while allowing you to keep your muscle strengtha formula that equals a lean body. Cardio workouts, on the other hand, result in the loss of fat and muscle, which may make a small difference on the scale, but ultimately is less productive as youre already starting to lose muscle mass by the time you turn 30. 3. Crank the Metabolism: Not only does lifting cause your body to burn serious calories during workout, but it also increases your metabolism for up to 24 hours (sometimes more!) post session. Whether at your desk or watching TV, youll continue to blaze through calories at a greater rate, reaping the benefits of a speedy metabolism for an entire day. Plus, the more fat youreplace with muscle, the more calories you burn while at rest. See the cycle? 4. Strengthen Bones: Women, in particular, are prone to Osteoporosis, a disease in which bones become so brittle and frail that they are likely to fracture. It has been found that weight lifting helps to increase bone density and bone growth by a makeable amountan invaluable health benefit for those who may be at risk. 5. Improve your Mood: Exercise of any kind is proven to produce endorphins, a natural brain chemical that, when released, results in reduced pain and increased feelings of euphoria. Weight training is, therefore, a wonderful way to relieve stress, diminish anxiety, and improve your general state of peace and well-being. 6. Look Good, Feel Good: Lifting strengthens your bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles. It helps you shed excess fat, improves your posture, aids your balance and general coordination. It will fire up your metabolism as well as your mental alertness throughout the day. A lean, toned, healthy body helps your confidence grow and your happiness skyrocketso, what exactly are you waiting for? Weight lifting will help you shed the pounds and increase your overall health, but exercise of any kind is most effective when paired with a dieting plan. Simple everyday strategies include: keeping a food diary, eliminating sugar, and drinking more water throughout the dayfor organic zest, try adding any of True Citrus naturally delicious and refreshing flavors to your water. Order now at onlineand take advantage of this special one-time use coupon code for 20% off your entire order: TRUEFIT20.