Staying on the Same Page | A Note From Bob

This year we are making several, substantial, strategic investments in our True Citrus future. 

We are a growing brand with more buyers and baskets: we have increased our household penetration and are leading the growth in the Retail PSD category. This is the result of strategic thinking, innovation, marketing and execution by our team. We made many very small but very important steps in 2018, paving the foundation for a strong 2019.  As a consequence of our growth and new strategic investments, we are now exploring uncharted territory, experiencing growing pains, and rising to meet the ever increasing demands of our consumers, commercial customers and retail partners.

So what are these investments?

Innovation: a robust pipeline of emerging, new, relevant products for each of our distribution channels – Retail, e-Commerce, Ingredients and Foodservice.

e-Commerce: a state-of-the-art webstore and customer journey, refining Direct-to-Consumer (“DTC”) strategies, and leveraging various DTC e-Commerce platforms.

Sales: serving more customers and channels, Commercial Ingredient applications continue to fuel growth, SKU expansion with our Retail partners, and new channel partners such as 7-ELEVEN.

Marketing: sharpening our laser focus on consumer awareness, conversion and engagement.

Advertising: a new digital media agency, Gorilla Group, that has helped other True Citrus-like brands reach their full potential through refined messaging, expanded reach, improved frequency and harmonization across all mediums and platforms.

Launching: commercialization and launch of Fruit Infusions (April 2019) and more to follow later in the year.

Packaging: a refresh of our entire line of consumer products including new film, new artwork, and contemporary, relevant, engaging copy and communication.

Supply Chain: expanding vendors, driving costs down, increasing capacity, maintaining in-stock positions and achieving quality standards – every facility, component, ingredient, shift and day.

Warehousing: we are creating rack space out of whole cloth (yes, Virginia, there is magic in Baltimore!), deploying surplus cross beams to support “half-skid” needs, buying more rack structures to further increase warehouse capacity, supporting more co-packer’s logistics and increasing shipping volume to customers.

Finance & Technology: we are evaluating new ERP systems to better support our business, improve financial reporting and manage our cash flow.

This is a serious investment in a robust agenda. Yes, we are in some uncharted territory. No worries. We will embrace the challenge. It will be a team effort and a team success. It is critical that we are all on the same page, collaborating and clearly communicating project statuses, challenges, opportunities, risks and concerns to make each of our initiatives deliver on, and exceed, our expectations.

How sweet it is to be part of a breakthrough team of innovators!