E-commerce: An Origins Story Continued | A Note From Bob

There are three well-known theories of how E-commerce was created. 
Well, two well-known theories and an emerging conjecture. The first theory most of us have heard is traditional: there were 6 days of hard work filled with blood, sweat, tears, and gnashing of teeth, and then a day of rest, and the Amazon Gods were pleased and all was well. The second, lesser-known theory is this: there was a 6-day party and then an all-nighter to catch-up, and the E-commerce gods were pleased though there was some collateral damage to the net. To support this alternative theory, web historians point to unusual terms arising from the ashes of a blurry-eyed team, after a 6-day party and an all-nighter, that now form our modern E-commerce lexicon. Words such as “HTML” (which sounds like code for something hot in the center of the universe), “Blog” (which sounds like an ill-fated health condition, but everyone has one), “SEO” (which suggests goodbye, but really means come on in), and “Wireframe” (which is actually a wireless concept hidden behind an invisible curtain – you can see the conflict). And then there are terms so sinister in nature they immediately command speculation, such as “Black Hat” and “Dark Web” (suggesting misguided spirits are lurking in cyber-space that must be reckoned with to succeed – who left that door open!).

Recently, a third incomplete and untested theory has emerged.
This third theory begins with a well written RFP sent to a select few “web-developers,” a strategic internal team formed of a diverse group of creative, marketing, operating, technical and financial skilled peeps, a thorough timeline meticulously drafted, and a four month journey carefully charted through the Valley of Unknown Challenges. This latter theory is now contemporaneously being researched and studied by historians as the True Citrus Team begins the next generation E-commerce initiative. Our Journey!

As we all embark upon this four month journey through the Valley of Unknown Challenges (conveniently “coded” Phase I, which suggests a heavy dose of foreshadowing), we will be challenged to invent a consumer journey that informs, engages, inspires and supports our E-commerce and corporate communication strategies.
These strategies will be designed to drive new web traffic and more consumers to the brand, and support the development of innovative products all on our seamless E-commerce platform. William Shakespeare once wrote in Hamlet “To Shopify or not to Shopify, that is the question!” Let us forge a path through the Valley of Unknown Challenges as a team, with deep expertise and unbridled enthusiasm. Our quest shall neither be deterred nor limited by convention or historical practice. Let us create a way, the best way, for a new path, a brand promise that is consumer focused, with our solutions, our values, and our limitless innovation. (Historical note: these words written by Mr. Shakespeare were found in an early version of the director’s cut and may not have actually been included in the final manuscript.)

We are working in some of the most interesting of times as the Great Transition continues around us and with us. Our strategic initiatives for building our business are coming into focus with clear initiatives for (i) consumer focused communication, engagement and solutions, (ii) new product innovation, (iii) retail expansion – SKUs, stores and channels, (iv) new state-of-the-art E-commerce platform, (v) improved ingredient marketing, (vi) foodservice sales activation, (vii) supply chain leverage and support, (viii) warehouse management, and (ix) financial support. Each of us will make the above a reality.  Some days, the progress will be slow and hard fought; other days will be easier. Progress is and will continue to be made and your contributions are critical to our success.

You make  a difference, every day!