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Energize Your Body

Add more power to your busy day with natural energy from green tea caffeine, plus the fresh-squeezed taste of real lemons.

Most of us have felt drained at some point. Those moments when there’s not enough energy left to enjoy our favorite activities. Sometimes we just need an energy boost to get us going in the morning and save us from that afternoon slump.

Studies show that staying hydrated, modest levels of caffeine, and avoiding snacks and drinks loaded with sugar are proven ways to re-energize.   

When it comes to water, too many of us suffer from mild dehydration. That lack of water is the number one trigger for daytime fatigue. 

Even slight dehydration can slow down your metabolism and leave you feeling sluggish. Staying hydrated is a great way to get a natural energy boost every day.

Caffeine has been reported to create a short-term boost in energy and brain function. Studies show that when people have the same caffeine, as in a single-cup of coffee, they see improvements in several areas. These include energy level, mood, memory, vigilance, and reaction times.    

That’s why adding True Lemon Energy Drink Mixes to your water is a great way to stay hydrated and get a natural energy boost.  Each packet is naturally sweetened with Stevia and contains the same amount of caffeine as one cup of coffee (120 mg per 16-ounce serving).

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