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How much water should you drink?

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Hydration Calculator

One of the simplest ways to improve your health is to stay properly hydrated. But fluid needs tend to vary. Are you consuming the right amount?

Let's find out!

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You should drink


cups of water per day

That's 160 ounces of water with 10 servings of True Citrus per day!

Medically reviewed by Amy Cimo, NASM-CPT, PN1-NC

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How Much Water Should I Drink? (And Why It Matters)

Nearly 75 percent of Americans are chronically dehydrated. What does this mean? Even though most people know they should drink water over other beverages, they still reach for something else to quench their thirst. This leaves their body starving for something that’s so essential in every part of what it does.

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Drinking More Water is Important

Did you know nearly 60% of your body is made up of water? It’s the oil that keeps our bodies strong and running smoothly. Most people don’t get the recommended amount of daily hydration. So many great things happen when you drink more water! You’ll feel more energized, improve your mood, sleep better, think more clearly and maybe even lose weight! So fill up your glass and cheers to better health!

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How You Can Improve Your Daily Hydration Practices

It’s easier than you think to add more water into your daily routine. You just need to make it a habit. Put a cup of water by your bed and drink it first thing in the morning. Set an alarm that reminds you to drink a glass of water during the day. Replace one of your daily beverages with a bottle of water. Work on changing one habit at a time and track them daily. Little by little you’ll see and feel improvement!

This calculator is intended to be a general guide. Water needs vary due to your weight, environmental conditions, and your level of physical activity during the day. See your doctor for your specific water consumption requirements. Every individual has different water consumption requirements, and you should always drink when you are thirsty. If your urine is white or slightly yellow, it’s an indication that you are properly hydrated. Use common sense and stay healthy!