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The CEO Corner

In Search of Perfection...


Photography supplied by Tom Kelly

It has been suggested that 2021 would be an easier year than the challenges of 2020.

Well, there might be a bridge in Brooklyn for sale too.


Strong teams rise to the challenges of the expected and the unexpected! Being a part of a fast-paced, dynamic, growing, entrepreneurial team requires us all to think in three dimensions: strategy, tactics, execution. Today, we are playing three dimensional chess while many others are playing checkers.


It is challenging to think in three dimensions:

    • It is hard.
    • It is demanding and, honestly, at times,
    • It is fatiguing too.

Many growing businesses stumble; we are excelling! We are called upon to understand not only the “what to do”, but the “how” and the “why”! We ask questions. We gather data. We leverage our experience. We collaborate and work as a team. We rise to each challenge and we execute without leaving the details to chance. We follow-up to complete the loop. And then we “Rinse and Repeat”!


You go the extra step.  

You are making things happen.  

You are making a difference.  


We successfully shipped $6.3 million of True Citrus products in June, a new sales record for any month in the history of our company!


We are making history!


And our July is looking strong too! This is not an accident or blind luck. We have worked tirelessly to be the best and our retailers and customers are noticing.


Whether our consumers shop in mass, grocery, chain drug or dollar and convenience stores, we are there. If they click & collect, home delivery, Amazon or direct via our web-store, we are there.


Our Industrial division demand is growing significantly too, achieving a record sales month that not that long ago would have taken 3 to even 6 months to achieve; this month we did it in 35 days.  Even our foodservice division is preparing for a rebound as the nation reaches forward to a new and improved normal.


Success requires months of planning and preparation, review and refinement, adjustments and re-allocations coupled with our consistent day-to-day execution. We’ve developed:

  • Detailed sales plans and promotional programs
  • Marketing strategies and tactics
  • Production demands and forecasts
  • Preparations and engagement with our supply chain partners
  • Allocation and scheduling production resources
  • Alignment of distribution resources
  • Plans for the future through research and vetting potential new products

And most importantly, intellectual capital (that’s you!) is in place with the skills, tools and resources to excel in our day-to-day execution.


There are a lot of moving parts. Your contributions allow us to achieve the success that we now celebrate.


We prepared, we were tested, we persevered and we performed! Fantastic teamwork!