From the nation’s largest store to the small, natural foods store around the corner, today over 35,000 stores nationwide carry True Citrus products.

Why? 3 simple reasons: 

1.    True Citrus products meet the needs of today’s consumers because they are:

  • Delicious (real flavor from real fruit!)
  • Low in calories (0 to 10 calories per serving)
  • Low in sugar
  • FREE of artificial sweeteners, flavors, preservatives, sodium or gluten
  • Premium products priced for everyday sales

2.   We value our relationships with all of our retail partners and want to provide products that will help your bottom line grow.

3.    True Citrus products sell and have strong margins!

True Citrus products have been enjoying double-digit growth vs. year ago. Find out for yourself!  Call us today toll-free at 866-885-3666 or email us at