True Lemon

For Water, Tea & Recipes

Enjoy the taste of fresh squeezed lemon wherever you go with True Lemon®. Made from real lemon juice and oils, this crystallized wedge-replacement can be used to enhance the flavor of water, tea, and recipes. Each 0-calorie True Lemon crystallized packet equals the taste of one lemon wedge, contains no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, and is made with only three ingredients. It’s great for seasoning and recipes that call for lemon juice!

Product Reviews
  • Made from Real Citrus
  • No Artificial Sweeteners or Preservatives
  • Natural Flavors
  • Gluten Free
  • Non-GMO
Per Serving**
0 Calories
0g Sugars
Nutrition Information **0 cal/32ct & 0 cal/100ct & 0 cal/500ct

Product Reviews

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  • Kim S
    From Goldsboro
    January 28, 2019
    True Lemon drink are AWESOME!

    True Lemon drink are AWESOME! For someone who is not a water drinker, True Lemon makes it so much easier to be. Great flavors and no fake ANYTHING. Thank you for making TRUE LEMON!!!

  • Janine Stegman
    From Thousand Oaks, CA
    October 29, 2018
    Why didn’t I find this sooner!

    I’m on Weight Watcher’s and miss my lemon desserts. I don’t even eat any yogurt that isn’t non-fat plain Greek Yogurt. Now I can enjoy yogurt again. Add a little Splenda and a couple packets and it is like having lemon mousse pie. I love it

  • Allison Pauley
    From USA
    September 18, 2018
    True Lemon honestly helped keep my pregnancy healthy!

    When I was eight months pregnant I developed a complication that required me to drink abundant amounts of water each day to keep my baby healthy. My midwife reccomened lemon to flavor the water because I asked if I could sweeten the water. I went to the store and was very impressed that True Lemon didn’t include any artificial sweeteners. So I bought a box and continued to drink True Lemon throughout the remainder of my pregnancy. A month later I delivered a healthy baby boy! I still love the taste of True Lemon and use it with each glass of water I drink. Thanks for helping me keep my pregnancy healthy!

  • Connie L
    From ---
    July 20, 2018
    This company has been a lifesaver to me!

    I lived on Dr pepper for years and my blood pressure was 224/114. I switched to only drinking water and adding TRUE lemon and lime to water and 3 months later my blood pressure is 174/80 and I went from a 22w to a 16 on my clothes. This company has been a lifesaver to me because I would never drink water now that’s all I drink.

  • Halli DiLullo
    From ---
    July 20, 2018
    Your packets are my favorite way to drink water.

    For 24 years, I haven’t liked water or ever enjoyed drinking it and now I drink it all the time!!!