Don’t Just Take Our Word. Compare For Yourself.

At True Citrus, we think of our drink mix and seasoning products as the best in the business. Why? Because we’ve done the research. But we’ve measured ourselves against our competitors, and we think you’ll agree that there’s really no comparison. But don’t just take our word for it.

True Lemon box with glasses of lemonade

Lemonade Comparison

Did you know that one of the leading powdered lemonades doesn’t even mention lemons in their ingredient line? Or that the leading low-calorie lemonade has phenylalanine in it? (We know! What is that?) See for yourself how our lemonade mix compare with others in the market. (We promise we won’t make you say things you can’t pronounce.)


two people drink True Lemon with lemonade

Beverage Sugar  and Calorie Comparison

At True Citrus, we believe delicious, refreshing taste can be achieved with little to no sugar, calories, and zero artificial sweeteners or flavors. Our ready-to-drink products are proof of this truth. See how our lemonades and limeades compare to other ready-to-go beverages. (And, you may just be shocked!)


A woman in black workout gear is getting ready for her work out and putting a pack of True Lemon in her pocket.

True Lemon’s Performance vs.  The Others

While we know we’re biased, we think True Lemon is as good as fresh lemons in taste and performance and beats those other lemon alternatives. Check out for yourself why we’re not just bragging.


lemon pepper with True Lemon

Lemon Pepper Comparison

How is it that salt is the first ingredient in some of the nation’s leading lemon pepper seasoning brands? Compare our delicious Lemon Pepper against some of those other guys.