Canadian Distributors

True Citrus products are sold in Canada through a number of stores and online distributors.

Find out how to get our crystallized citrus products (True Lemon®, True Lime®, True Orange®,and True Grapefruit®), drink mixes (True Lemon Lemonades, True Lime Limeades, True Lemon Iced Teas and True Lemon Energy) and Seasoning Blends shipped to your door by selecting one of the following distributors below.

  1. Capital Books and Wellness
  2. Culligan– Canada Coffee Service
  3. Discount Coffee
  4. Elua, a Global Hydration Company. Better Water, Better Life!
  5. Flammable Liquids: Canada’s Premiere Destination for Hot Sauce, Salsas and Fiery Foods(Yes, we know the name is a little misleading, but they also distribute a wide range of health and specialty foods too!)
  6. Swanson Vitamins
  7. Healthy Family Foods