Other Online Distributors

Looking to add easy, fresh-squeezed flavor to your water and dishes, but don’t know where to find it? True Citrus products are also available on other online stores and distributors who will send your favorite products directly to your home.


Find out how to get our crystallized citrus products (True Lemon®, True Lime®, and True Orange®), drink mixes (True Lemon Lemonades, True Lime Limeades, True Lemon Iced Teas, and True Lemon Energy) and seasoning blends shipped right to your door by selecting one of the following distributors below.


  1. Lucky Vitamin
  2. Capital Books & Wellness
  3. Swanson Health Products
  4. Blue Glass Notions
  5. Netrition.com
  6. True Nutrition
  7. Discover Stevia
  8. Vitabita
  9. Vitacost.com
  10.  Jet.com
  11.  Amazon


For more information about True Citrus, explore our products and partnerships. Also, check out our healthy recipes and friendly tips for swapping out sugary drink mixes and salty seasoning blends for True Citrus.


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