True Love My Life Sweepstakes

Enter for Your Chance to Win a Year’s Worth of Groceries & More!

Here at True Citrus, we believe in “True Love”— that is “True Loving” your life. For us, that means being with people who uplift us, doing things that give us satisfaction, and finding ways to enrich our hearts and souls so that we can each say “I True Love My Life”. But how “True Love My Life” is defined is different for each and every one of us. For some, it may mean exercising regularly, while others may equate it to dedicating time and energy to a cause they care about. For other people, it may involve starting a company that they passionately believe in (that would be David, the founder of our company and creator of many of our True Citrus products). Maybe your “True Love” is cooking, or just hanging out with friends or reading a book. Whatever “True Love My Life” means to you, it’s so important to embrace it, nurture it and make room for it in this hectic world.

Prize Details

1 Grand  Prize  Winner will receive: 

  • A year’s worth of groceries (approximately $15,000 value)
  • A year’s worth of True Citrus products and accessories ($250 value)
  • A 12-month gym membership ($700 value)
  • Gift certificate toward work-out gear ($250 value)
  • A Skype nutrition coaching call and a personalized nutrition coaching plan with a guide to live well with Dietitian Nutritionist and Founder of Nutrition Stripped, McKel Hill ($750 value)
  • An autographed copy of McKel Hill’s Nutrition Stripped Cookbook ($14 value) 

Total approximate Grand Prize value: $17,237.60

10 First Prize  Winners will receive: 

Total approximate First Prize value: $264

Our True Promise

I #TrueLoveMy Life  By: ________

Share a photo or video (or many) with a description of how you “True Love My Life” on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with the the hashtags #TRUELOVEMYLIFE and #SWEEPSTAKES. At end of every week between April 24 and May 24, we’ll select a winner who’ll receive a $50 MasterCard gift card and True Citrus products of his/her choice. (Please Note: If your social profile is set to PRIVATE, we will not be able to view your photo submission.)

Example: I #TRUELOVEMYLIFE by giving my body the water it needs to stay hydrated and healthy every single day. #SWEEPSTAKES

True Lemon box with glasses of lemonade

About True Citrus

True Citrus created a family of crystallized citrus products that you can use throughout your day in countless ways. Made with only simple ingredients, and no artificial sweeteners, flavors, preservatives, gluten, or sodium, they’re the perfect accompaniment to a healthy lifestyle. Click here to learn more about True Citrus.

About McKel Hill

McKel Hill is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition who has dedicated her life to the pursuit of wellness. What started as her personal journey has now evolved into a mission to help so many others take control of how they feel every day. She’s on a never-ending quest to learn the science behind nutrition and share it with you in simple ways that make sense and make a difference. Her goal is to empower you to live whole and feel your best. Learn more about McKel.