Jumpstart Healthy Change In Your Life.


The True You Challenge is about making small changes over 30 days that will lay the foundation to a healthier and happier you. True Citrus has teamed up with national fitness expert Kim Lyons (from NBC’s The Biggest Loser) to create a program built to your specific needs, along with expert advice and support to change your life for the long-term.


  • Choose what is important to you.
    Whether it’s losing weight, building muscle, drinking more water, or making healthier food choices – you decide which goal you want to address.
  • Seek expert advice and resources.
    Kim Lyons will provide you with helpful information, tracking charts, goal sheets, recipes, tips, and exercise videos to help you reach your goals. She will arm you with the resources you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle well into the future.
  • Learn how short-term changes = long-term success.
    Set yourself up for success by choosing 1 to 3 goals that are easy to achieve, and that you think can help you on your way to being your healthiest self. Every small victory will make achieving your bigger goals more feasible.  Use some or all of the True You Challenge tools to help make your journey easier. We’re confident that once you see the positive effects, you’ll be driven to keep those new and healthy habits going for the rest of your year, and life!


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True Citrus created a family of crystallized citrus products that you can use throughout your day in countless ways. Made with only simple ingredients, and no artificial sweeteners, flavors, preservatives, gluten, or sodium, they’re the perfect accompaniment to a healthy lifestyle.

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