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May 23, 2024

CopyCat Starbucks Medicine Ball Recipe Using True Lemon

Whether it’s flu season knocking at your door, or you just crave a cozy cup of something special, our copycat Starbucks Medicine Ball recipe is your ticket to bliss—right from your own kitchen. This beloved secret menu item has comforted many a sore throat and warmed countless spirits with its soothing blend of mint, peach, and citrus flavors. 

But let’s face it, frequent trips to Starbucks can put a dent in your wallet, and that’s not very comforting! That’s why we’re bringing you a DIY copycat recipe that’s easy and fun to whip up and brimming with simple ingredients that pack a punch of flavor and wellness. Get ready to brew the perfect drink that’ll make you feel better whether you’re under the weather or just in need of liquid luxury! 

Secret Menu Item at Home

Brewing delight in a cup with what Starbucks baristas affectionately call "Honey Citrus Mint Tea," this concoction is better known to its loving fans as the "Medicine Ball" or the "Cold Buster Tea" from the secret Starbucks menu. Its fame isn't just hot air—this hot tea is a powerhouse of refreshing citrus and mint flavors that can help break up your sinuses and soothe your soul. 

While this delightful brew isn't a magical "cure-all," it’s certainly a crowd-pleaser among those battling the sniffles or simply seeking a comforting cup. And let's be honest, when you're fighting off a cold, the last thing you want is a trek to Starbucks. It’s far easier to roll out of bed, pad into the kitchen, and whip up this soothing hot drink yourself. 

Better Than The Starbucks Version

With True Lemon’s simple ingredients and convenient packets, our copycat Starbucks Medicine Ball recipe isn’t just a match for the original—it’s a delightful upgrade! Not only does our copycat recipe taste better, but it is cheaper and much more convenient than driving to Starbucks. 

True Lemon packs a punch of delicious, zesty flavor that elevates this tea from just a throat-soother to a sensory experience. Plus, the magic of making it at home? Total customization! Whether you like your tea sweeter, packed with more citrus, or buzzing with a bit more caffeine, you can stir it up just the way you like. 

Embrace the freedom to tweak your tea to the ideal strength of citrus mint or peach tranquility vibes, without stepping foot outside. Homemade means it’s crafted by you, for you, making every sip of your favorite drink a little sweeter.