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Salt-Free Seasonings

Enhance the taste of your meals and recipes with fresh squeezed taste from our salt-free Seasoning Blends.

Why Our Customers Love True Citrus

Best lemon pepper I am on a very limited salt regimen and this combination is the best I have found. It has enough pepper to shine though without overtaking and the lemon is fresh and adds a great spark to the food. Love it!!

Betsy S.

Why Our Customers Love True Citrus

You've got to try this!! Gives your food the punch it is looking for without unnecessary ingredients. SO GOOD!!

Sally A.

True Lemon Shaker

True Lime Shaker

True Lemon Pepper Seasoning Spice Blend

True Lime Garlic Cilantro Spice Blend

True Orange Ginger Spice Blend

True Lemon

True Lime

True Orange

True Grapefruit

True Lemon Juice Mix

True Lime Juice Mix

Convenient. Flavorful. Healthy

Sprinkle on the sunshine (no salt required!) The taste of citrus can brighten your everyday meals and add a mouthwatering burst of flavor without the need for salt. Our Sodium-Free Seasoning Blends make it easy to enjoy this fresh taste. They're convenient for supporting a low-sodium diet – or just make your food taste great! Whether you're looking to cut back on sodium or just add more flavor, our products are designed to elevate your cooking effortlessly.

Add to any beverage or recipe – no fuss or mess.

The best part? No slicing, no squeezing, no cleaning!

It’s as simple as 1. Open 2. Pour and 3. Shake. Halt the salt (but not the flavor) in a variety of meals. Salt-Free Seasoning Blends are the perfect complement to a delicious meal! Whether you want a mouthwatering taste or just a touch of spice, these versatile seasonings give just the right kick of flavor.

Our unsweetened crystallized wedge replacements can be used as fresh lemon juice and other citrus replacement too!

Your favorite meal just got better.

Our no-salt seasoning mixes pack a punch! While your taste buds won't notice it, your salt intake can go way down with our seasoning. For those watching out their sodium intake, using our lemon seasoning, lime seasoning, and other flavors are a great way to bring the flavor without the high blood pressure.

Inspire your inner home cook.

Need new cooking ideas? Find inspiration with our favorite recipes! Use our delicious seasoning on your favorite foods like:

Find your new favorite spice.

  • True Lemon Shaker
  • True Lime Shaker
  • True Lemon Pepper Spice Blend
  • True Lime Garlic & Cilantro Spice Blend
  • True Orange Ginger Spice Blend

Enjoy the fresh squeezed taste of citrus in water and tea or as a salt substitute in your favorite meals with Crystallized Wedges. Just open, pour and mix! Adjust the amount of product to suit your desired taste preference.

Delivering ingredients you can trust (and pronounce.)

We care about you and your health. That’s why True Citrus products are made with simple ingredients.

  • No Fake Stuff. No salt and no sugar.
  • Hold the calories! Zero calories but full of flavor.
  • Simple. Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Sodium Free, Vegan and Delicious.

What's NOT in it?

Now that you know what’s in our recipe enhancers, let’s make sure you know some of the ingredients that are NOT included. While ingredients may vary slightly from one flavor to the next, here’s what our spice powder doesn’t have…

NO sodium, NO sugar, NO artificial sweeteners (like Acesulfame Potassium, Aspartame, Saccharin, Sucralose), NO hard-to-understand ingredients (like Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Nitrate, Sodium Sulfite, BHA + BHT), NO colors from artificial sources (like Blue #1 or #2, Red #3 or #40, Yellow #5 or #6), NO soy, NO MSG, NO gluten, NO GMOs.

Simple, tasty, and 100% happiness guaranteed.

Discover why True Citrus Seasonings have become a kitchen must-have. Here's the scoop from our happy customers!

“Great flavor. I was really surprised by the full flavor of both the orange and ginger! Have used it in several dishes, including hot tea. But love it on sweet potatoes!” -Junette M.

"I am always looking to cut down on sodium and food additives that are not necessary for cooking. This is really tasty." -Kathleen Wulf

"This is soooo good, and salt free! Great lemon flavor on fish and chicken. My guests say the entrees are better than the restaurants and I am ordering more for all my friends. Definitely a 5-star product. The Ginger Orange is great on apples and pears! Lime and garlic Cilantro is excellent on fish, chicken, and even beef fajitas. Can't go wrong with any of these!" -Roberta M

Ready to try it for yourself?

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We’re all about that simple, Non-GMO life.

Made from Simple Ingredients


Citrus Forward

No Sodium

Zero Calories



Made from Simple Ingredients


Citrus Forward

No Sodium

Zero Calories