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Customer Stories

Happy Hydration

Refreshing, delicious, good-for-you and portable

Claudia Ackerman

I love the True Lemon, True Orange and True Lime because I’m a busy mom, wife, and freelance hairstylist which means I am usually on the go.

Kauilani Goodwyn

True Citrus products are a delicious way to encourage more water intake throughout the day for both me and my clients, without the excess calories or sugar.

Mia Syn

For me, True Citrus products have been the easiest way to encourage family members to cut out soda and juices.

Nadia Murdock

By far the number one reason I love True Citrus is because it gets me to drink more water!

Ashleigh Gallagher

I love every single product of True Citrus because not only are they all delicious, but they are clean, true products that give just enough flavor to satisfy your taste buds to the fullest.

Shayli Campbell

I love True Citrus products because they keep me hydrated while working out!


True Citrus takes the confusion out of hydrating.

Sean Runnette

I love True Citrus because if I'm craving juice or soda, all I need to do is add any flavor to my water and drink up! I know I'm not increasing any of my sugar intake or drinking so many calories, and it just tastes so delicious.

Rachel Paraoan

I used to drink 3 – 5 diet cokes a day! Now I drink water, but almost always with True Citrus added. I feel better – stronger, cleaner, healthier.

Michael Persky

I'm constantly on the move which means hydration is key and who wants to drink just plain water all the time? True Citrus products have given me a fresh look on drinking lots of water and keeping myself healthy.

Austin Kitchen

I started using True Citrus as a way to help me stay hydrated and because I really appreciate a clean ingredient product!

Alysha Wilson

Adding True Citrus to a glass or bottle of water always make it even more thirst-quenching and cuts right through the summertime humidity.

Anna Cunningham

I love True Citrus products because they keep me balanced with a flavorful taste.

Hasanna Lawyer

I’m happy by having lots of friends at school!

Emmie & Ada

I LOVE True Citrus products because they make it easy to add flavor to water or other drinks without any hassle.

Emilie Herbert

True Citrus products have changed my life in terms of helping me to reach my goals for daily water intake.

Mackenzie Garvin

I like True Citrus products because it's easy to use, tastes great, and adds flavor to my everyday tea.

Mia Elane

Living in the hot dry desert of Arizona I'm a HUGE water drinker. I love adding True Citrus products to my cold water to change things up!

Brooke Carlson

I love the True Lemon Lemonades and True Lime Limeades because they taste great and are super easy to prepare.

Matt Carney

I love True Citrus products because the taste is natural and delicious.

Ilana Lawyer

I love the convenience of being able to throw a pack in my bag and add to my water at work and on the go.

Katie Faison

They're an easy way to jazz up water or any beverage.

Taylor Evans

I want to aim high and I hope I can get into Harvard to get become a lawyer. I also keep my life healthy and happy by interacting with others, and telling people what's on my mind when some thing can really bother me.

Esther Njeru

I love True Citrus products because of their clean and simple ingredients.

Meg Miles

I've been drinking True products for years - even before starting my wellness journey because it has always helped me get my water intake in each day.

Ewan Grabelsky

With True Citrus I create tastier exotic dishes and it allows me to use really excellent products at very reasonable prices.

Teresa Chala