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Kids: Rethink Their Drink

“My kids and I love these and there's nothing bad in them, so I love them even more!”​

- Mel N., Verified Buyer

Kid-approved taste, parent-approved ingredients.

  • NO Artificial Sweeteners, Flavors or Preservatives​
  • 92% Less Sugar Than Juice and Soda for an 8oz Serving
  • Simple, Clean Non-GMO ingredients
  • 25% of Daily Vitamins A, C & E​
  • 10 Calories Per Packet
True Lemon Kids blue raspberry flavored drink

Choose From All 7 Yummy Flavors, Here:

We’re all about that simple, Non-GMO life.

Made from Real Citrus

No Artificial Sweeteners or Preservatives

Natural Flavors



Low Calorie


Made from Real Citrus

No Artificial Sweeteners

Natural Flavors



Low Calorie


True Lemon Kids Has 92% Less Sugar*

than regular juice, soda and other popular kids' beverages!

* Per 8 oz serving. True Lemon Kids = 2g sugar. Average regular juice or soda = 24g sugar.

Comparing sugar per 8 ounce serving of true lemon kids kids with other common kids' drinks. True Lemon Kids has at least 92% less sugar. True Lemon Kids has just two grams of sugar per eight ounce drink versus twenty nine grams for hundred percent juice drinks, twenty eight grams for soda, sixteen grams for lemonade powdered drink mix, 20 grams for fruit smoothies, 12 grams for milk, and 14 grams for sports drinks.

So Awesome!


I love many things about True Lemon Kids. They are low calorie, just the right amount of sweetness, my daughter loves them, and they are easy to store compared to juice boxes!


Katie H.

Verified Buyer

My Kids Love Them!


Kids and mom approved! Better alternative for the occasional juice or sports drink. Fun for them to shake up in little water bottles.


Amanda R.

Verified Buyer



This one is one of my kids favorites! Their absolute favorite in the blue raspberry, but this comes so close! I even like this flavor! Actually, I like most of the kids flavors myself! 😊


Melissa S.

Verified Buyer

Girl in lemon print dress smiling while holding a box of true lemon kids strawberry lemon packets.

You Told Us.

We Listened!


We asked over 1,000 parents like you what would be most important to them in a drink mix for their kids.

  Made with simple, non-GMO ingredients
  Sweetened with natural stevia and 2g sugar
  No artificial sweeteners, flavors or preservatives
  Colors from natural fruit & vegetables
  25% of a child's daily Vitamin A, C & E
Each packet flavors 8 ounces of water, perfect for younger kids


Nutrition for Kids: How to Build a Solid Foundation of Health


Recent studies have now shown that around 33% of children in the United States can be classified as overweight or obese. That is both shocking and preventable. That’s both shocking AND preventable. How? To start off, a big factor is reducing how much sugar they eat and drink! True Lemon kids makes this effortless. Learn More.


At the end of a rainbow a girl in blue jumper holds up 7 boxes of different flavored true lemon drink mixes
Little girl holding a box of True Lemon pink lemonade
Blonde boy holding True Lemon Kids Pink Lemonade
Little boy win striped shirt holding a box and packets of True Lemon Pink Lemonade
Pineapple, raspberry, and lemon cartoon characers

Find True Lemon Kids At a Store Near You!

True Lemon Kids offers ingredients you’ll feel good about and a taste your kids will love. And now you can find them in the Powdered Drink Mix section store near you including:

Walmart, Albertsons, HyVee, Stop & Shop and more.