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Sweetened Drink Mixes

Our 10-calorie Drink Mixes are made with simple, Non-GMO ingredients including real fruit, natural Stevia & a touch of sugar, making drinking water deliciously happy!

Why Our Customers Love True Citrus

My new favorite drink! I bought this on a whim at the grocery store. I was used to buying the well-known instant lemonade brands. This was so good and I could tell it wasn’t loaded with sugar. Something I didn't want or need. I then tried the other flavors. Cherry Limeade is now a new favorite!

April D.

Why Our Customers Love True Citrus

Once you go True Citrus, you’ll never go back! Water will never be the same! I love the True Lemon Raspberry Lemonade! It helps me drink the water I need without having to force myself to get it down!

Rachael H.

True Lemon Raspberry Lemonade

True Lemon Original Lemonade

True Lemon Strawberry Lemonade

Happy, Healthy & Hydrated.

Water is so important to a healthy lifestyle and making healthy choices doesn't have to be tough. It can be easy and fun to stay hydrated with a burst of fruit flavoring that's also light on the calories and sugar. Enjoy a refreshing natural lemonade or tea taste with True Lemon Lemonades, Limeades, Orangeades and Iced Teas. No cutting, no squeezing, and no cleaning. These low-calorie drink mixes are naturally sweetened and guarantee a fresh flavor no matter where the day takes you.

Convenient to enjoy - at home or on the go.

The best part? True Lemon Lemonades, Limeades, Orangeades and Iced Teas help you meet your daily water requirements in three easy steps.

It's as simple as: Open. Pour. Shake. Stay hydrated and going strong through your busy life with healthy lemonade mixes to help you get your eight glasses each day. (Need tips on drinking more water? Find our favorites here.)

How To! Level up your water game. Mix one stick with 16 ounces of water and shake well. Adjust the amount of water to suit your preferred level of fruity sweetness.

For a healthy lemonade taste, try these natural lemonade mixes:

  • True Lemon Original Lemonade
  • True Lemon Raspberry Lemonade
  • True Lemon Watermelon Limeade
  • True Lemon Strawberry Lemonade
  • True Lemon Wildberry Lemonade
  • True Lemon Peach Lemonade
  • Lemon Orange Mango Orangeade
  • True Lime Original Limeade
  • Lemon Lime Black Cherry Limeade
  • True Lemon Iced Tea
  • Lime Lemon Peach Iced Tea

Purchase your favorites online or find it in a store near you.

Delivering ingredients you can trust (and pronounce.)

We care about you and your health. That's why True Lemon Lemonades, Limeades, Orangeades and Iced Teas are made with simple and clean ingredients (and only words you can pronounce) - including real fruit and citrus juices and oils. These healthy drink mixes are the perfect water enhancer for anyone, delivering a delicious taste and natural flavors from real fruit.

  • Real flavor. A fruity, full body flavor made from real fruit and natural flavors - NO artificial flavors or preservatives.
  • Low on the calories! Only 10 calories per serving.
  • Naturally sweetened. With stevia and just a touch of sugar.
  • Caffeine Free. Hydration without the jitters.
  • Simple and clean. Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Sodium Free, Vegan and Delicious.

What's NOT in it.

Now that you know what's in our true lemon products and true lime products, let's make sure you know some of the ingredients that are NOT included. While ingredients may vary slightly from one flavor to the next, here's what True Lemon Original Lemonade doesn't have...

NO artificial sweeteners (like Acesulfame Potassium, Aspartame, Saccharin, Sucralose), NO artificial flavors, NO artificial preservatives (like Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Nitrate, Sodium Sulfite, BHA + BHT), NO colors from artificial sources (like Blue #1 or #2, Red #3 or #40, Yellow #5 or #6), NO soy, NO MSG, NO gluten, NO sodium, NO GMOs.

What's the big idea around GMOs? Find out more about Genetically Modified Organisms on our blog here.

Simple, tasty and 100% happiness guaranteed.

Before you leave us on read, find out what some of our star customers had to say.

True Lemon Original Lemonade: “My family and I love adding true lemon to our water. My kids add the lemonade packets - in various flavors, and I love the fruit infusions. Cucumber lemon is my favorite! The best part is that it encourages all of us to drink more water. 😉”

True Lemon Iced Tea: “Refreshing and delicious low calorie choice to help us get our water intake each day!” - Michelle B.

True Lime Black Cherry Limeade: “Black Cherry Limeade is delicious and refreshing to drink! It's not too sweet or tart, and it makes me want to drink more water. I love all the True Citrus products because of their quality and healthy ingredients.” -Heather M.

Ready to try it for yourself?

We’re all about that simple, Non-GMO life.

Made from Real Citrus

No Artificial Sweeteners or Preservatives

Natural Flavors



Low Calorie


Made from Real Citrus

No Artificial Sweeteners

Natural Flavors



Low Calorie