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General Questions

Does True Lemon use Erythritol in it's products?

How do I contact your company?

Do you sell or give away your customers' information?

Is my internet browser compatible with your website?

On the website, how do I find information about a True Citrus product I’m interested in buying?

How do I navigate the site?

Who makes True Lemon?

Who came up with the idea for True Lemon?

Can I get samples of your products?

Why don't you send True samples to Canada?

Can I order True products in bulk for a foodservice operation?

Product Usage

Why would I buy True Lemon instead of a fresh lemon?

What can I do with True Lemon?

Can I use True Lemon in place of fresh lemon or bottled lemon juice?

If I want to use True Lemon, True Lime, True Orange or True Grapefruit in cooking, what are the measurement equivalents?

I see a recipe that calls for two True Lemon packets but I only have the True Lemon shaker. What is the equivalent?

Can I use True Lemon, True Lime or True Orange in place of zest in a recipe?

Do I need to add water when using True Lemon in place of lemon juice for a recipe?

Can I use True Orange in place of a fresh orange?

How many of the True Orange packets would I need to use to equal 8 oz. of orange juice?

Can True Lemon be used in place of real lemon when canning/preserving?

Can True Lemon be used to make jams or jellies that need the lemon for the added pectin to jell?

Where do I store True Citrus products?


How many calories does a packet of True Lemon have?

How many carbs does a packet of a True Citrus product have?

Will True Lemon help me drink more water?

Are True products gluten free?

Are True Citrus products vegan?

Are your products paleo and Keto friendly?

I have diabetes. Can I use True products?

I'm on a low sodium diet. Can I use True Citrus products?

I am pregnant. Can I use True Citrus products?

I have kidney stones and my urologist recommended that I drink water with lemon in it every day. Does True Lemon have the same properties as lemon juice for this condition?

I am on dialysis and have to be careful about potassium among other things. What are the phosphorous and potassium content levels in True Citrus products?

Is True Lemon considered an anti-oxidant?

Does True Grapefruit offer any metabolism/weight loss benefits that your group is aware of?

What is the quantity of electrolytes per serving of the True Citrus products?

Can you use True Lemon as a detox drink?

Are the True Citrus products such as the True Lime Black Cherry Limeade considered low glycemic given they contain sugar?

I take some medications which mean I'm not supposed to use grapefruits. Can I use True Grapefruit?

I've been taking potassium citrate medications, and my doctor is suggesting that I switch over to using lemons and limes instead. Would your True Lemon work for me?

I am allergic to corn so can I use your products?

Does your product cause the deterioration of tooth enamel or in any way cause tooth delay?

Ingredients & Manufacturing

Are your products Non-GMO?

Are True Citrus products gluten free?

Are True Citrus products organic?

Are True Citrus products natural? Do they have artificial sweeteners?

What does it mean that your products have natural flavors in them?

Are the colors you use natural?

What is True Lemon made from?

Are your products vegan?

Are your products paleo and Keto friendly?

Is True Lemon considered an anti-oxidant?

Do all your True Citrus products contain citric acid?

Are your products Kosher and if so who is the supervising agency?

How is True Lemon made?

Does True Lemon have the same properties as a fresh lemon?

Do your products contain flavonoids or Limeonene?

I see that some of your products have stevia in them. What is that and is it an artificial sweetener?

If you use stevia in your drink mixes, why do you use sugar too?

Why does sugar come before stevia in the ingredients line?

I noticed that you have a couple products now that have listed Rebiana (stevia) as an ingredient. Is this actually pure Stevia, or are you using Truvia? Also is this Stevia being extracted using water or chemical methods?

Is there a chemical process used in making the lemonade from stevia? Is the stevia chemically broken down?

Where is stevia grown?

Where does the caffeine come from in your Energy Drinks?

How are your True Orange packets considered unsweetened when they contain sugar?

Where does your citric acid come from?

Do True products have corn in them?

Do any of your products contain any mono-sodium glutamate and/or free glutamic acid?

Do True products contain soy?

Do True products contain potassium?

What are the phosphorus and potassium content levels in True Citrus products?

What is your source of maltodextrin used in your shakers? Corn, wheat, rice?

Do all of your products have corn in them?

Do you use cochineal as an ingredient for your colors?

Do you use MSG?

Do any of your spices contain wheat or rice?

Do your products contain caffeine?

Does any True Citrus products contain lactose?

Are True Citrus products made with organic fruit?

Are all of your ingredients sourced in the United States?

Is the sugar you use chemically processed?


What are all the different True Citrus products?

On the website, how do I find information about a True Citrus product I'm interested in buying?

Where can I purchase True Citrus products?

How do I purchase True Citrus products for my business?

Where in the store will I find True Citrus products?

My local store doesn't carry True Lemon or some of your other flavors. What do I do?

Do you sell True Citrus products online?

Do you sell True Citrus products in Canada?

Where is the expiration date on the box?

How long does True Lemon last?

I added True Lemon to water and it doesn't taste like anything. I kept adding packets and it still didn't taste like lemonade.

What if I buy your products online and don't like it?

My recent box had two empty packets in it. What do I do?

I recently purchased a box of True Lemon and the True Lemon in the packets seemed cakey and didn't easily come out of the packet. What caused this and what do I do about it?

I just purchased a new box of True Lemon and one of the packets was empty but covered in a red tape. Why?

Why is your True Lemon box so wasteful? The packets barely fill a quarter of the box which means it's not very environmentally friendly.

Online Ordering & Order Status

Do I have to pay sales tax?

Do you have a price adjustment policy?

My discount code is not working. What do I do?

What do I do if I have a question on my charges?

What do I do if I need a copy of my receipt or invoice?

When will my credit card be charged?

When will my credit appear on my account?

Do you have gift cards?

How do I use a coupon?

When will I receive a notification that my subscription is going to ship and I'm going to be billed?

Can I select how often I receive my subscription?

How do I update my billing information for my subscription?

How do I skip a delivery for my subscription?

How do I add a product to my subscription?

How do I cancel a subscription?

Shipping & Returns

Where do you ship?

How much is my shipping?

Has my order shipped?

I live in Alaska. How long will it take to get my shipment?

An item is missing from my shipment. What should I do?

What do I do if my order never arrived?

How do I return my product?

I received the wrong product. How do I return it?

How do I return an accessory I purchased?

How do I cancel my order?

I didn’t get my order when I was supposed to receive it. Can I get my shipping fees refunded?

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