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November 29, 2016

5 Tips for Loving Weekdays As Much As Weekends

It's no secret that most people dread the arrival of Monday morning. You can even begin to sense it on Sunday night as you begin to shift your thinking from 'fun' to 'work'.

For most of us, the majority of our week is spent working - which means a big chunk of our life is spent in that mindset. If you feel unhappy most of the week, how can you feel happy in most of your life?

The trick is to make the most of your weekdays, so that you aren't just living for the weekends! We have some tips with how to do just that. 

5 Ways to Love Weekdays As Much As Weekends

  1. Make your workplace somewhere you want to be.
    If you work in a cold stark cubicle or office, make it warm and welcoming! Bring in photos of your friends and family, drape up some twinkle lights, or tack some of your favorite postcards on the wall. If you're spending a lot of time somewhere, it's up to you to make it your "happy place".
  2. Incorporate a weekend activity into your work week.
    You don't have to leave all the fun to the weekend! Schedule an early breakfast with a friend before work. Plan to meet up with a loved one at a park for a lunchtime walk. Get in an hour early so that you can leave early to go to a museum, or take a leisurely bike ride home. Do anything that feels fun and restful to break up the week.
  3. Use part of your weekend for light work.
    This doesn't mean clocking in hours at the office on a Saturday, but finding a relaxing place (such as a park or coffee shop) to catch up on things can make a big difference in reducing your weekday stress and anxiety. It's likely that part of the reason why you're stressed during the week is because you're overloaded with work. Think of it as an exercise in productivity, while still keeping that weekend mentality.
  4. Get out of bed a little earlier.
    Often our weekend mornings are more enjoyable because they're relaxed. We are usually rushing out the door on weekdays, so set your alarm a little earlier to emulate the feeling of a weekend. Allow time to sit and sip your coffee slowly, take a long relaxing shower, or go for a run. It doesn't have to be much, but a little extra time goes a long way for setting yourself up for a less stressful weekday.
  5. Get a new job!
    Sometimes, the only solution to start loving weekdays is to find a job that really makes you happy. A study by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that people who enjoy their job and the people they work with have significantly less dread of the work week. Consider how much you're looking forward to escaping your job every time the weekend rolls around, and ask yourself if it's worth it. It is never too late to find something you love to do! If you cant change jobs just yet, try to build better relationships with your work colleagues. Plan a post-work happy hour, weekly coffee outings, or even set up an office book club. If you create friendships with the people you work with, you'll create a happier atmosphere for everyone.

[Credit: Braff, Danielle. 5 Tips For Loving Your Weekdays As Much As Your Weekends. Mental Floss.]