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Clean Living: How to Protect the Environment & Make Smart Choices to Safeguard Your Health

Clean Living: How to Protect the Environment & Make Smart Choices to Safeguard Your Health

Have you decided to aim for a clean lifestyle and smart food choices? Then congratulations! You might already notice a positive change.  You're not only helping the environment, but you'll end up healthier, and happier!

Switch up your drinking bottles

Got reusable plastic water bottles? We'll bet they are manufactured with microplastics such as polypropylene and co-polyester. That’s great when you need something durable and lightweight. Problem is, with time, this material can break down, resulting in tiny cracks. No one wants to be drinking nasty bacteria along with their water! 

Go for using a glass or metal bottle with a BPA-free lining. We have some cool drinking bottles your kids might love! Like our True Lemon "Keeps You True" Thermal Water Bottle. Its double-walled stainless steel construction, perfect for your kids’ school backpacks, and not at all bulky.

Filter, filter, filter!

For anyone who would rather filter water at home than buy it in plastic bottles, good news: scientists believe that filtering water at home is a healthier solution! But we hear you when you say that your kids don’t like the taste of tap water. What’s a busy mom to do? Make the water tasty, of course! 

Stay hydrated with healthy drink mixes, like our True Citrus varieties. They help spruce up the taste of your tap water and taste delicious. Trust us, it’s easier and way more fun to drink!

More Fun for Meat Lovers

Want a higher quality of life? Eating less meat and being mindful of where you source your meat is a great start for eating better! It can not only have a large impact on the environment but your family benefits in amazing ways as well. But this doesn't mean you have to get rid of all meat entirely.

Remember to go for grass-fed meat, which doesn’t have any antibiotics. Conventional meat is inflammatory and high in omega 6 fatty acids. Grass-fed (and grass-finished) meat is anti-inflammatory and high in omega-3 fatty acids. An organic-meat-subscription like Butcher Box does a great job at curating high-quality cuts for meat lovers. 

Support Local Mom & Pop Shops  

Make a real impact on your environment! Support local businesses that truly care about their customers. Why not support the small businesses in your neighborhood? 

Remember, when you buy local, you are helping a little boy get a new soccer jersey, or a little girl to get through music lessons. You are making it possible for parents who run their own businesses to feed their families. When more people support each other, the result is more caring, more mindful communities. 

You Can Never Hydrate Enough

Taking care of yourself means you will be stronger, more able to care for your family. Even if you have not reached all your healthy lifestyle goals, don’t get discouraged. Think about making small choices every day in the right direction.

For example, staying properly hydrated. It’s a simple thing we often forget but doesn’t cost a cent. Please promise us that when you’re done reading this article, you’ll treat yourself to a nice tall glass of water! (Or better yet, make it a nice flavored glass of juice to hydrate!)

Healthier and Happier Lifestyles are Mindful Choices

At True Citrus, we found that the best way to encourage clean living and getting into healthier habits is by making it fun! Good health shouldn’t feel like a chore; it’s a gift you are giving your body. Sure, you want to lose weight, get fit and stick around longer for your kids. But have some fun with it and do what works for you. 

Remember, when you make healthy choices, you enjoy life more—and who doesn’t want more pleasure?!

Want to know how you can incorporate more healthy lifestyle choices every day? Visit our website for more information. Plus, convenient creative health tips for you and your family.