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April 12, 2024

Does Lemon Water Break a Fasting Period? Answers, Tips & Advice


Step into the world of fasting where every sip counts! Imagine discovering a health and weight loss solution, and it all boils down to what you drink. 

Don't sweat! We’re here to tackle some of those fasting myths including one of the most common: does lemon water break a fast? 

The answer isn't as simple as it might seem. Everyone's fasting journey is unique, and what "breaking a fast" means can vary from one person to another. 

Fresh lemons are very low in calories (around 20 calories for a whole lemon), so sipping on refreshing lemon water is often a go-to for those maintaining a fast.  

With low calories, a splash of fresh lemon juice does not cause a big change in your insulin levels. So... enjoying the fresh taste of lemon water could still be on the menu, helping you stay hydrated and making your fasting experience more enjoyable. 

AND here’s a twist: True Lemon, with NO sugar and NO calories, is the ultimate fasting hack. Our wedge replacement is the perfect addition to anyone’s fasting journey. If you're looking for a way to keep things interesting and stay true to your goals, incorporating True Lemon might just be what you need!  

Let’s dig deeper into all the tips, tricks, and questions around fasting, plus how you can incorporate True Lemon.  

Fasting Fundamentals  

Below are a few of the many examples of fasting. Keep in mind — your fasting journey and the details are totally up to you, no labels needed! (We always recommend talking to a healthcare professional.)  

Intermittent Fasting 

In recent years, intermittent fasting has become a popular way to stay healthy, lose weight, and increase energy levels. People achieve this by eating only during specific hours of the day to align with their circadian rhythm 

Religious Fasting 

Some people participate in religious fasting because of their beliefs, to feel closer to their faith, and to clean their bodies and minds. 

Juice Fasting

Juice fasting, also known as juice cleansing, requires people to only consume fruit or veggie juice for a designated time frame. 

Water Fasting 

Water fasting involves eating no food and only drinking water. It is one of the most extreme forms of fasting, is not suitable for everyone, and requires caution to do safely. 

No matter the method of fasting you partake in, the benefits are backed by scientific evidence

  • Promotes blood sugar control 
  • Fights inflammation 
  • Supports those with insulin sensitivity 
  • Improves heart health 
  • Can boost brain health 
  • Contributes to weight loss 
  • Immune system support 
Smiling woman storing food in her fridge

Fasting Facts: What Breaks a Fast? 

Again, what you choose to consider “breaking a fast” is totally up to you and there’s no clear right or wrong answer. Generally, breaking a fast is about what happens when you eat or drink something after not doing so for a while. Some of the common considerations are:  

  • Calories: When you're fasting, your body switches to using its stored energy. Calorie intake can signal your body to start using the new energy source instead. It's worth noting that a very small number of calories (such as those found in lemon water, black coffee, or tea) might not disrupt this process significantly for everyone. It’s all about finding what aligns with your fasting goals and understanding how your body responds. 
  • Macronutrients: Macronutrients—carbohydrates, proteins, and fats—also affect your fasting state. Carbs can spike insulin levels since they're quickly turned into glucose, signaling your body to stop burning fat. Proteins are digested slower and help maintain muscle without directly converting to glucose. Fats, with the smallest impact on insulin, are ideal for some fasting styles, providing a steady energy source that doesn't heavily disrupt the fasting state.  

So, when you're fasting for health or weight loss, eating or drinking something with calories, especially carbs, tells your body it's time to switch from burning stored fat to using the food you just ate. 

Infographic for True Lemon about the benefits of fasting

Why True Lemon WON'T Break Your Fast 

Depending on the type of fasting, many people maintain fasts by staying hydrated and drinking water, tea, bone broth, or coffee (without cream or sugar.) The limited options of what can be consumed can make sticking with a fast difficult and boring. Lemon water can be a great source of hydration and flavor! And, with 0 calories, 0 sugar, and 0 worry, True Lemon is the most convenient and refreshing sidekick during your fast.  

True Lemon unsweetened wedge replacements are ideal for people fasting. Our fasting-friendly wedge replacements include lemon juice and oils. Unlike other low-calorie beverages, True Lemon water has zero calories AND zero carbs! 

Imagine having the vibrant taste of lemon at the tip of your fingers without the mess of cutting, squeezing, and cleaning that comes with real lemon slices. True Lemon has even been selected as best water enhancer by Verywell Fit™ (for 4 years in a row!) 

Our crystalized wedge replacements are zero-calories, use simple ingredients, have a bright taste of citrus, and are super convenient so drinking lemon water while fasting a no-brainer! 

Smiling woman looking over the camera in green

Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water While Fasting 

When you're fasting, whether for health, weight loss, or spiritual reasons, staying hydrated is crucial for healthy individuals. Water maintains your blood sugar levels and keeps your cells healthy. During your fasting period, your body relies on water even more to compensate for the lack of food-based water intake so drinking plenty of water is essential to keep everything running smoothly. 

Adding lemon to your water can make your hydration efforts during fasting more beneficial—and tastier! Lemon water is a great choice for several reasons: 

  • Flavor without Breaking Fast: One of the challenges of fasting is the boredom of consuming plain water only. Adding True Lemon adds a refreshing twist without adding calories, which means it won’t break your fast. 
  • Appetite Control: Water can also help with controlling appetite. Sometimes our bodies confuse thirst with hunger, so staying well-hydrated with water in general can prevent unnecessary snacking once the eating window opens. 
  • Potential Benefits for Health: Lemon water can also help your digestive tract and might even aid in preventing kidney stones by increasing urine volume and pH with citric acid. (We always recommend that you get professional healthcare advice from your doctor or other healthcare specialists.) 

True Lemon supports your fasting goals without compromising on calorie intake. 

Friends sipping on True Lemon

Incorporating True Lemon in Your Fasting Routine 

For intermittent fasting, True Lemon can be great to drink specifically in the morning before you have broken your fast, or at night after you have eaten your last meal of the day. 

When you're finally ready to break your fast, you should start by eating easily digestible foods, healthy fats, protein, and low-sugar meals. The last thing you'd want to break your fast with is a greasy cheeseburger or sugary soda filled with artificial sweeteners. 

Become Fast Friends with True Lemon 

In a world where health-conscious living meets the hustle and bustle of daily life, True Lemon can become one of your greatest allies. Our natural, crisp lemon flavor enhances water, recipes, and even your morning green tea, making hydration and healthy living more enjoyable. For those

always on the go or seeking to add flavor to their dishes with ease, True Lemon stands as a convenient, zero-calorie way to add a burst of flavor without hard-to-understand ingredients. 

Find us in stores, on Amazon, or right here on our website today! 


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