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April 12, 2024

Lemonade Stand Ideas with True Lemon


Top Tips to Ensure Your Stand Stands Out!

  • Frozen lemonade or lemonade ice cubes for cooling off on hot summer days.
  • Offer a taste adventure with lemonade flavor flights, letting customers sip their way to their favorite.
  • Make every cup count by donating profits to a local charity and turning refreshments into community support.



Squeeze out the boredom and pour in the fun with a classic summer activity: a lemonade stand! 

A lemonade stand will not only keep your kids happily occupied and entertained this summer but is also a great way to teach them about the valuable lessons of entrepreneurship, responsibility, and teamwork. 

So, if you’re ready to help your kids check off that summer bucket list itemTrue Lemon is here to help with fun lemonade stand ideas and the best lemonade recipe on the block. 

Two girls sipping lemonade

Mastering Your Lemonade: Recipe Essentials

In the excitement of a DIY lemonade stand, the last thing you want is complexity slowing you down. True Lemon is designed to empower you and your little entrepreneurs with the most simple, delightful lemonade-making experience. 

Skip the hassle (and sticky mess) of slicing and juicing fresh lemons and turn to our True Lemon bulk options including our Juice Mix or convenient Shaker! Made from real lemon juice and oils, our crystalized lemon powder is the perfect lemon replacement to help find that classic lemonade flavor. 

Infographic for True Lemon featuring lemonade stand ingredients


Here's a simple, bulk lemonade recipe that serves 6 (feel free to double as needed!): 

  • Simple Sugar Syrup: Combine 1.5 cups of sugar, or your favorite sweetener, with 1 cup of water until the sugar (or Stevia) is completely dissolved.  
  • True Lemon Magic: Add 2 tablespoons of True Lemon Shaker or Juice Mix into your pitcher. 
  • Water: Mix in 3 quarts of water, stirring until everything is beautifully combined. 
  • Taste: Customize to your preference with more or less sweetener for a sweeter or more tart taste. 

 That's it! No artificial sweeteners, GMOs, or hard-to-pronounce ingredients, just easy, delicious lemonade with True Lemon. 

You can find True Lemon products on Amazon, or right here on our website

Flavor Add Ons:

The fun doesn't stop there. With True Lemon, the customization options are endless, giving you the opportunity to add unique flavors that mix perfectly with your base lemonade. 

Top with garnishes like fresh fruit, lemon slices, strawberries, raspberries, or blueberries and you've got a deliciously unique, refreshingly simple lemonade! 

P.S. Freeze the Lemonade

Mid-summer heat calls for an innovative twist on classic lemonade to keep the fun going and the temperatures cool — enter the possibilities with frozen lemonade, the night before you can: 

  1. Use popsicle molds to freeze lemonade into a sweet treat that can refresh customers and kiddos the next day. 
  2. Freeze lemonade in ice trays so you can keep the pitcher ice-cold without watering down the flavor. 

Glass of lemonade with a flower held to the sky

Curating Your Menu

Simplicity meets variety on your lemonade stand's menu. Offer a classic lemonade alongside a few creative twists (like True Lemon Raspberry Lemonade or True Lemon Strawberry Lemonade) to cater to different tastes. At first, you can keep options limited to ensure your inventory is manageable and test out new flavors when ready! Remember, a well-curated, displayed menu is your recipe for success, making selection easy and enjoyable for everyone. 

Embrace Variety with True Lemon Packets

Outside of our True Lemon crystallized lemon replacement, we also offer refreshing drink mixes that brings a world of flavorful options to any lemonade. Dive into the delicious variety with our Original Lemonade, Passionfruit Lemonade, Raspberry Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, Peach Lemonade, and more! With convenient stick packets containing only 10 calories and no artificial sweeteners, parents can appreciate a guilt-free delicious taste! For a 2-quart pitcher, mix just 4 sticks with water and watch the lemonade transform before your eyes! Each blend is designed to delight the senses and offer a unique twist on the classic lemonade flavor. 

Keep the kids in mind with True Lemon Kids Drinks—delicious alternatives with 92% less sugar than juice and soda. Rich in Vitamins A, C, & E and free from artificial sweeteners, they're parent-approved and kid-loved, especially our Kids Pink Lemonade. Available in 10 ct options, they're perfect for making your stand a hit with all ages. Use 8 kids' stick packets for a 2-quart pitcher but feel free to adjust this recipe based on flavor preferences.  

Girl drinking lemonade before a lemonade stand

Boosting Sales: Lemonade Stand Marketing

Their lemonade recipe is all set, but how do you ensure their stand becomes the neighborhood hotspot? With a splash of creativity and a dash of strategy, you can turn their stand into the talk of the town. More than just a way to attract customers, this process is an opportunity for your children to learn valuable skills and let their imaginations soar. Here’s how you can get started and make the most out of this experience: 

  • Flyers: Let kids unleash their creativity by designing eye-catching flyers. It’s a fun way to communicate the why, what, and where of their lemonade stand, teaching them about design, clarity, and the art of persuasion. 
  • Social Media: Be sure to share their stand on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Nextdoor. This can be a safe, supervised way for kids to learn about digital presence, photography, and community engagement, turning likes into a successful lemonade business. 
  • Word of Mouth: Encourage your young entrepreneurs to talk up their stand with friends, family, and neighbors. It’s a prime opportunity for them to practice their pitch, boost confidence, and see the power of personal connections in action. 
Little girl holding kids True Lemon Lemonade with rainbow and cloud graphics

Lemonade Stand Showcase: Creative Display Ideas

Now that their lemonade stand is the talk of the town, let's ensure it's the eye-catching, must-stop attraction. Here are some zesty ideas to make your stand pop with personality and pizzazz: 

  • Themes: Have your kids choose a theme and provide suggestions such as superhero, luau, or princess in case they can’t think of anything. Embrace the theme with fun decorations and apparel. 
  • Color Palettes: No matter what theme, use bright yellows, refreshing greens, and vibrant pinks to draw attention and evoke summer vibes. 
  • DIY Signage and Decorations: Encourage kids to make signs and decorations, enhancing creativity and personal investment in the stand's success. 
  • Interactive Elements: Put the finishing touches on a fun lemonade stand by getting customers more involved. Offer lemonade flights for tasting, play upbeat music, and have simple games to keep visitors entertained. 

Location, Location, Location!

Finding the perfect spot for your lemonade stand is key to squeezing out every drop of success. However, it's not just about foot traffic; it's also about following the rules. Here's a quick sip of wisdom on picking your location wisely: 

  • Respect and Safety: Choose a location that is safe for both the kids running the stand and the customers. Avoid setting up too close to roads or driveways and ensure there's enough space for your customers to gather without blocking sidewalks. We recommend always keeping an eye on your kiddos for optimal safety. 
  • High Traffic, High Visibility: Choose a location that gets a lot of foot traffic, like near a park, at a community event, or along a busy neighborhood street. Visibility is crucial, so make sure your stand is easily seen from afar. 
  • Shade and Comfort: Consider the comfort of your little entrepreneurs and your customers. A spot with some shade is ideal to keep everyone cool and the lemonade even cooler. 
  • Regulations and Laws: Before setting up shop, it’s essential to be aware of local regulations and laws regarding lemonade stands. Some areas may require a permit, or there could be restrictions on where you can set up. A quick check with your local government or homeowners' association can save you from potential headaches later on. 

While the spirit of a lemonade stand is all about fun and entrepreneurship, staying informed about and compliant with local laws ensures your venture is both successful and lawful. With a safe location for your kids and a nod to the rules, your lemonade stand is set to be a refreshing hit! 

Woman holding True Citrus products in the summer

Setting Goals & Measuring Success: The Final Squeeze

As your lemonade stand journey comes to a refreshing close, it's important to reflect on the goals you set and the success you've achieved. Whether it's the number of smiles shared, the glasses sold, or the lessons learned, every achievement is worth celebrating. 

  • Set Achievable Goals: Before pouring the first glass, decide what success looks like for you and your young entrepreneurs. It could be a profit margin target, a charitable donation amount, or simply having fun and learning new skills. 
  • Budgeting Skills: Take advantage of this opportunity to teach your kids about how to plan and stick to a budget. Learning how to make a budget at a young age is a great way to prepare them for success later. 
  • Measure & Reflect: Have your kids keep track of their progress throughout the day and take a moment post-venture to reflect on what worked well and what could be improved. Celebrate the wins, learn from the challenges, and recognize the growth in your kids' confidence and skills.  
  • Celebrate & Plan Ahead: Success isn’t just in the numbers; it’s in the experience. Celebrate the effort, creativity, and teamwork. Then, start dreaming about your next adventure, armed with insights and ideas for an even bigger splash next time! 
  • Donate to a Charity: Consider dedicating a portion of your profits to a local charity. This adds a layer of purpose to your venture, teaching young entrepreneurs the value of giving back. Select a cause close to your heart or research relevant ones like Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation supporting childhood cancer. 

Running a lemonade stand is more than a traditional summer activity; it's a chance to create lasting memories, instill valuable life lessons, and spark small business spirit in your children. By setting goals and measuring success, you're not just quenching thirst; you're nurturing future leaders, one glass of lemonade at a time. 


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