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January 14, 2013

Make Better Life Resolutions for 2013

Happy New Year! Happy 2013! As the team here at True Citrus is reflecting upon 2012, were also thinking about what changes we want to make in 2013. And instead of making the same old New Years resolutions year after year (which some of us tend to break before the end of the first month anyway), were making some Better Life resolutions. While traditional New Years resolutions are often about the outer us, this year were trying some New Year resolutions that focus on the inner us. While we obviously practice these already (since we are a pretty nice group of people!), in 2013 we want to do a better job of embracing and practicing our list below because we think that they can make a big difference not only in our own personal lives, but also to those around us. Here are our Better Life Resolutions: 1.Were eating breakfast. Whether its a lack of appetite or the result of a hectic schedule, we sometimes skip the most important meal of the day. But we know that its true eating breakfast helps our brain and our metabolism. Therefore, were not allowing ourselves any excuses about not eating breakfast. Were fueling up every morning for a productive day! 2.Were practicing kindness more. Were not going to underestimate the power of a simple gesture a smile, a held door, a touch on the shoulder, a call to someone who is having a hard time - to change a day and even a life. 3. Were giving compliments more often. Were telling our mom and dad how much we appreciate them, were telling our co-workers what a good job they did, were telling our children how much we like their painting, and were telling our significant other thanks for the great dinner. Whatever the reason, were taking the time to recognize those around us because the truth is that one of the greatest human needs is to feel appreciated. 4.Were getting better at saying no. We dont have to be super women (or super men). We dont have to do everything for everybody. Its actually important to set boundaries for ourselves. And while this may be particularly hard for us women, were going to try to do this without any guilt! 5.Were getting better at finding a balance. We tried in 2012 and, while we made some progress, were going to get even better at this big challenge in 2013. Our families and social life are just as important as our work life, so were going to try to recognize that we need to make quality time for both. 6.And with that, were going to try to keep our focus in the moment. Its so easy to think about all we have to do at home when were at work and all we have to do at work when were at home. However, were going to try to remind ourselves to focus on the present. The to-do listisntgoing anywhere whether were focusing on the moment or not. 7.Were reading more. Expanding our horizons, improving our memory, using our imagination. The power of reading! 8.Were smiling. A genuine smile can brighten any room. And besides increasing happiness, smiling can relieve stress (its true according to a study from the University of Kansas!), boost confidence, and even make us look younger! What are your 2013 Better Life Resolutions?