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January 14, 2019

Feeling Sick? Tips on How to Get Better, Faster!

Being sick is no fun at all. Why does illness always seem to come at the worst possible time? Rather than forcing yourself out of bed and into work, why not save your fellow employees from the same sick fate. Take a day off, get your rest, and focus on healing!

We know you’re busy and you need to get back on top of your schedule, but pushing through your body’s signals to rest will only keep you feeling sick for a longer period of time.

Want to show that cold who’s boss? These are great ways to get better, faster!

Getting Sick? Tips for How to Feel Better, Faster!

Remove the stress as much as possible.
When your normal routine comes to a screeching halt, all of the tasks that aren’t getting done can quickly become overwhelming. That unnecessary stress does not facilitate healing, or support the vital rest your body needs. Make a list of everything on your mind, and ask for help in accomplishing some of the most important tasks. You may realize that some items aren’t as urgent as you thought.

Set up an auto-response.
In order to focus all of your energy on getting well, remove all electronic distractions. Turn off your phone, and set up an automatic email response with someone to contact if there’s an emergency regarding work and personal matters. Everyone has been sick before, and they will understand. Supporting your immune system is the urgent matter that needs addressing right now!

Soothe those muscles.
Hopefully you’re already making sure to get plenty of sleep, but with all that rest muscles can begin to feel stiff and sore. Take a warm soothing bath with Epsom salts, then do some nice slow stretches before getting back into bed.

Load up on nutrients.
Colorful foods aren’t just important when you’re healthy, they also expedite the healing process when you’re sick. Increase your intake of vitamins and minerals, and be sure to fit in plenty of leafy greens wherever possible. Add a handful of spinach to chicken soup, and cook chopped carrots in homemade bone broth. Every little bit helps!

Avoid certain foods and drinks all together.
Dairy promotes mucus production, and high-sugar foods and drinks are linked to inflammation. Avoid these foods whenever possible and instead stick to dairy-free soups and stocks, and warm sugar-free beverages like herbal tea with True Lemon. Even though you may swear by a Hot Toddy, it is better to avoid alcohol as well. Alcohol interrupts the natural sleep cycle, slows recovery time, and can conflict with certain prescriptions and antibiotics.

Take small steps when re-entering real life.
Jumping back into your regular schedule can land you right back in the sick bed. Take it slow, and remember that even though you may be feeling better your body is still taking the final steps in becoming fully healed. Begin with a half-day back at work if possible, and get as much sleep as you can. Rather than dragging out the illness by doing too much too soon, you’ll feel 100% better much faster.

The bottom line is that when your full energy is focused on getting well, your body will respond in kind. Listen to those natural cues to get plenty of rest, and slowly work your way back into a normal schedule. You’ll bounce back from that illness faster than ever!