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January 26, 2019

Stay Motivated and Get Fit | 7 Tips for Exercising in Winter

Cold weather can put a terrible damper on motivation. Curling up on the couch with a big mug of cocoa and binge watching a Netflix show is much more appealing than lacing up those running shoes for an evening jog.

But winter weather exercise does not have to be daunting! A few tweaks to your regular routine and you’ll be motivated right through these colder months, and well into spring. 

Get Fit this Winter: 7 Tips for Exercise Motivation

  1. Plan ahead.
    Our usual outdoor workout routine changes very quickly in inclement weather. Set up a plan ahead of time for snow or rain, and be ready to either head to the gym or do an exercise video at home. Knowing your back-up plan early will ensure that bad weather doesn’t stop your workout routine in its tracks.
  2. Invest in good layers.
    The trick to good winter workout clothing is all in the fabric. Invest in quality sweat-wicking athletic wear, and layer up so that you can shed when you get warm. Remember you should be a little chilly when you leave the house. If you’re too cozy and warm you’ll be carrying a coat during your entire workout!
  3. Be flexible.
    If you had a plan to go for a run then it snows, and your back-up plan of hitting the gym fails - what do you do? It’s time to get creative with your winter workout. There are certain activities you can only do in winter (skiing, ice skating, sledding), so why not enjoy them? Be flexible and think outside the box to get in your daily exercise.
  4. Commit to a class or trainer.
    Setting up an appointment even just once a week to go to a workout class or work with a trainer can do wonders for motivation. You’ve already committed to spending the time exercising, therefore you’ll be more likely to stick to it.
  5. Try something new.
    Never tried yoga before? How about a HIIT class or Pump? When was the last time you swam laps in an indoor pool? Use the winter season as a time to experiment with new classes or activities you haven’t tried before. You may find a new sport or exercise you absolutely love.
  6. Sign up for a race.
    Find a race or challenge that is scheduled in the spring, and sign yourself up! You’ll want to stay on track with your fitness during the winter months in order to perform well. Knowing you have a tangible goal to reach for will do wonders for your motivation.
  7. Find a friend.
    Nothing is more motivating than a friend holding you accountable. Even when it’s cold outside, knowing your exercise buddy is depending on you will get you out of bed and ready to go for that morning workout.

Keeping your fitness routine going through the cold winter months is easier than you may believe. A little planning ahead and accountability will help keep your fitness in place so that you’re fit and ready for spring time!

[Credit: Brenner-Roach, Theo. “16 Tips to Motivate Yourself to Exercise in Winter.” Good Zing.]