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November 10, 2016

The Biggest Health Myths - Busted!

There are plenty of myths, superstitions, and old-wive's tales we've been told throughout our lives in regards to health. Remember when your mom used to tell you that gum would stay in your stomach for seven years if you swallowed it? Not true at all.

So what else have we been told in the past that is complete myth? We're here to bust some myths about health!

The Biggest Health Myths - Busted!

Double-dipping is a-OK.

Grossly untrue. Pun intended. In one study, scientists found that three to six double-dips transferred about 10,000 bacteria from the eaters mouth to the dip. The most germs were found in salsa - maybe because its also the biggest culprit for double-dipping!

Being out in the cold makes you sick. 

There is nothing out there that backs this up, as people who are warm are just as likely to catch a cold as people who are chilled. If anything, since cold weather forces more folks to stay indoors, you'll be more likely to come in contact with germs while staying inside. 

Consuming fat makes you fat.

Nope. Eating fat in moderation is actually a very necessary part of a healthy and balanced diet. Fats from nuts, seeds, and avocados are actually great for helping you to feel fuller for longer - causing you to consume less calories in the long run. As we found with sugar, there are many other components that will make you fat. And as it turns out, fat is not necessarily at fault.

Most of your body heat is lost through your head.

You might see steam rising from an uncovered head in the winter, but the reason why heat is being lost is exactly for that reason: that's the only part of their body left uncovered! Simple as that.

Gluten-free foods are healthier.

Unless you know for certain that you have an allergy or sensitivity to it, most people are able to process gluten. Labeling products as gluten-free has become a way for companies to make people think it's healthier than it is (for example, soda is technically gluten-free). A lot of gluten-free products are actually more processed than their whole grain counterparts!

Weighing yourself every day is the best way to track your weight-loss progress.

A pound of fat weighs just the same as a pound of muscle. We also fluctuate a couple of pounds day to day depending on water. It's better to monitor how you feel, how your clothes fit, and how you look - not the number on the scale.

You should poop every single day.

Regular bowel movements are different for everyone, as with any aspect of health! Some people go twice a day, others can go every other day and be perfectly healthy. A few days passing without a movement should raise some concern, as should irregular consistency. Really, your doctor can tell you if anything weird is going on.

What are you the most surprised to learn about? Looking for more information? Here are four surprising health foods that aren't actually healthy!


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