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Woman smiles while watching her young son sitting on the kitchen island hugging a glass of True Lemon

How is True Lemon Kids Different Than True Lemon Lemonades?

Let’s face it: it takes some time to develop a taste for broccoli. A kid’s palate is not only going to be more picky than ours, but it will also prefer sugary-sweet flavors over just about anything else. 

Packaged fruit juices and sports drinks (usually thought of as a healthy drink choice) are a quick go-to way to satiate a kiddo’s thirst. However, these drinks can be packed packed with artificial sweeteners, flavors, preservatives, and dyes - making them a really unhealthy alternative. 

Did you know that kids that don’t drink water consume around 100 additional calories per day from sugar-added drinks like soda or juice over kids who drank even just some water throughout the course of a day? That’s a lot of extra calories for their little bodies to manage!

However, many parents know the struggle of getting their child to choose plain water over the temptation of a sweetened drink. So how do you choose healthy drinks for kids that aren’t packed full of artificial ingredients and sugar - but also something they will be excited to enjoy? Luckily there is a solution, and it is True Lemon Kids

Boy holding up a glass of water with True Lemon Kids in one hand, and in the other hand is holding a box of True Lemon Kids.

Healthy drinks for kids besides water

The perfect combination of flavor and fun, True Lemon Kids drink mixes contain everything that children love combined with ingredients that parents will get behind. When we were developing these new mixes, we asked over 1,000 parents what would be most important to them in a drink mix for their children. We used your feedback to create these delicious drink mixes with flavors like True Lemon Kids Groovy Grape and True Lemon Kids Fruit Punch that kids absolutely love, but that also contain only the best, healthy ingredients. 

You will never find any of these ingredients in our True Lemon Kids drink mixes:

-Refined sugars or artificial sweeteners

So when you wonder: Is True Lemon healthy? When it comes to all True Lemon products, including True Lemon Kids, the answer is a resounding YES.

Two people holding lemonade glasses cheers above two boxes of True Lemon products.

How are True Lemon Kids drink mixes different from True Lemon Lemonades?

On top of the already delicious lemonade drink mixes we make for the rest of the family, with the same high standards for ingredients we include, True Lemon Kids drink mixes contain: 
- Only 2 tiny little grams of cane sugar per packet
- Colors from real fruits & vegetables
- 25% of a child’s daily recommended value of vitamins A, C, and E
- Each packet is specially made kid-sized, so that these yummy drink mixes will perfectly flavor 8 ounces of water.

True Lemon Kids has 92% less sugar than regular juice, soda and other popular kids' beverages.

Kids may need a little bit more time to develop a taste for broccoli, but when it comes to healthy drinks and hydration True Lemon Kids has everything they need without all the added sugar. These are healthy and delicious low-sugar alternatives that children will love, but that parents can truly get excited about.