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How do you live your happiest, healthiest and truest life?

"Now that I am a little older and have had a healthy baby, I am so grateful to my body for being healthy and being able to create a person! I love that I am really focused now on health, strength, and wellness, versus looking a certain way. As for living my happiest life, whenever I start to get stressed, I try to list ten things I am grateful for in my head to put things into perspective. This will turn your mood around very quickly! As long as I am healthy and my family is healthy I am very happy! As for living my truest life, I try to concentrate on goals that give back to others and improve public health, and I feel like that helps me concentrate on the correct things in life. "


Why do you love True Citrus?

"By far the number one reason I love True Citrus is because it gets me to drink more water! First thing every morning I make a giant bottle of water with either the Lemon, Lime or Grapefruit in it, and it makes me drink so much more water! The packets are also really easy to take with you on the go."


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