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Walk The Talk Challenge:
Living True

Thank You for Helping Us Deliver 4 Million Meals with
Feeding America® Help Us Deliver 1 Million More!


The planning process for 2020 is in full swing. We are gathering internal and external data points, and engaging in clear-eyed analysis and evaluation of our potential for 2020 and beyond.


As we prepare for continued growth, our planning process includes:

  • Engaging in retail performance reviews
  • Attending trade shows (retail, wholesale & industrial)
  • Analyzing data (IRI, SQF, supply chain, financial & operating)
  • Reviewing trade and application opportunities
  • Meeting with our brokers
  • Listening to our consumers through research and engagement

We are no longer a small, up-and-coming brand. We are a growing brand that is dynamic, on trend, and meeting the vibrant needs of today’s consumers for healthier food and beverage choices. We have enormous potential and we have the opportunity to confidently capitalize upon our strength of sales, marketing, distribution, innovation and operational excellence. As well as the financial support to take the next step in our growth.


So that we are clear, who are we and what do we do?


Who We Are:


What We Do:



Can We Walk Our Talk?
We have a challenge before us. Are we engaged personally in our brand message or is it just corporate speak? Are we open to transformative engagement – personally, within our team, with our consumers and community? Are we Living True? Are we making better choices for ourselves and supporting others to engage in the journey as well. Are we drinking water, making better food & beverage choices, living an active lifestyle? Without judgment, are we encouraging each other to make better choices? Do we celebrate our successes? Do we support each other when adversity, frustration or discouragement sets in? Are we part of the solution and not the source of the problem? Are we making a difference, lending a hand and going the extra step?


We need to commit to making a difference for ourselves, our team, and our community! We can do so with one choice at a time and let the momentum build. We start with ourselves and lead by example. If we are promoting a message to the consumers of how they can make a better choice by selecting True Citrus, we too must be part of that same paradigm.


Community Challenge

To further demonstrate our commitment to who we are and what we do, we are excited to be launching a Community Challenge! As a transformative company, we have the opportunity to engage in a hands-on, transforming activity for our local community through the Maryland Food Bank, a participating member of Feeding America. Being a strong partner and supporter of Feeding America, we can increase our commitment to this important and worthy cause.


To this end, we are organizing an effort to support the Maryland Food Bank by providing a group of five volunteers, once a month and during our normal business hours, to help with food sorting, preparation, and other critical support tasks. This is a volunteer initiative; no one is obligated or required. If you are interested, fantastic. If you volunteer, you will be paid by the Company during the time you are helping Feeding America at the Maryland Food Bank. The program starts in November and there will be further details to come.


1 in 9 Americans don’t always know where their next meal is coming from. We have donated over 6 million meals since 2014. That is impressive! With that said, the next level of impressive is to be personally engaged, involved, and committed.  


Many people who volunteer their time in the community find that the investment in time pays great dividends to the community as well personally. Our opportunity is to accept and embrace the Community Challenge; it starts with us and it will be contagious! May the adventure begin today!