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An enormous level of energy, resources, thought and time has been dedicated to transitioning our separate website and E-commerce sites into a single, unified, 21st century, state-of-the art Shopify Plus Platform.


What a journey it has been! Every team and player within our company rose to the challenge. We designed and reviewed, at least once if not a 1,000 times, a unique customer journey down to every last pixel, panel, palette, product, price, promotion, cookie, character, copy, content, context, customer, connection, form, function, fulfillment, freight, format, feature, FAQ, ad-in, opt-in, subscription, recipe, retailer, replenishment, transaction, tax, transmission, transfer and everything in between! We formed a cross functional team, led by our Marketing team, to embark upon this strategic journey. Starting with a well-designed and well written RFP and the selection of great agency partners to facilitate our journey, the Marketing team endlessly curated a thousand details to create, present, and optimize a unique, dynamic customer journey. This would not have been possible without IT, sales, operations, fulfillment and finance - all staying in lock-step with critical back-office support and execution. As with many of these projects, the back-office support required was no small task and our dynamic state-of-the-art E21 just made it a breeze (said no one!). There were many significant challenges that we conquered as a team, and in the end achieved an excellent result.


Our website is fantastic and will only get better as we learn more and more about leveraging all of its functionality.


With all of our focus on the customer journey and engagement, and the deployment of a great new E-Commerce platform, it was sales tax that uncovered the most unusual journey of all. As we implemented the sales tax module for Shopify Plus, we received a call from a customer. The following is a highly condensed version of actual events:


“Why are you charging sales tax?” our customer asks. We respond in the mind-numbing language of tax compliance requirements and explain our sales tax collection obligations. We know sales tax code is not filled with a lot of giggles and laughs. Fortunately our customer understands and quickly informs us that they are a not-for-profit supplier/reseller of our product.

“No problem” we say. “If you have a resale/tax exempt form, we do not have to charge you sales tax.”


Relieved that we have come to a resolution, our customer agrees to send us the form. Since curiosity is built into our DNA, we ask our “new” tax-exempt customer “Where do you use our products anyway?”


Nonchalantly, our tax-exempt customer explains, “We make kits with True Lemon shakers, wedges, and Raspberry Lemonade sticks for NASA to supply the International Space Station.”

Outer space! Talk about new distribution and space management – we got True Lemon on to the International Space Station! With the same amount of teamwork and dedication, just imagine all the places the Fruit Infusions will go! Great work everyone – let’s keep building the momentum!