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two women celebrating post marathon while using drink mixes

How do you live your happiest, healthiest and truest life?

I live my truest life by keeping my physical health & mental health as balanced as I can. For example I love running, and I do 5ks from time to time. When i'm allowed to I want to join my school's track, tennis, and cross country teams. (But i'm still thinking about that and more.) I also love most academic activities like ELA, and math. I'm also trying to keep up my grades and get into this program called AVID, which if you keep your grades up, you can earn scholarships. I want to aim high and I hope I can get into Harvard to get become a lawyer. I also keep my life healthy and happy by interacting with others, and telling people what's on my mind when some thing can really bother me.

Why do you love True Citrus?

When you're in Girls on the Run you don't really ever want to stop and get water since you're always running and messing around with your friends, but once we all got samples of these, each week you would see all of the girls with the lemonades or limeades in their water bottles. It really helped us stay hydrated and replenished!

Esther's Favorite True Citrus Products

True Lemon Strawberry Lemonade 10 Count