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How do you live your happiest, healthiest and truest life?

"I struggled with two autoimmune conditions for 11 years and since healing and going into remission these are the main things I focus on to stay healthy, happy and my truest self: - You have control over more than you realize. With a health struggle comes the opportunity to learn, grow and become stronger. It may seem difficult in the moment but there are amazing things on the other side. Remember struggles happen for you not to you! - Food matters! Eat nutrient dense food the way nature intended most of the time and once in a while eat what sounds good. I used to fear food and focus on how it may hurt me vs. help me."


Why do you love True Citrus?

"I love True Citrus for a number of reasons.


  1. True Citrus products are made from simple and clean ingredients and have no artificial sweeteners, preservatives or gluten and are non-GMO!
  • I love the convenience of being able to throw a pack in my bag and add to my water at work and on the go.
  • love how easy True Citrus products are to add to your favorite recipes.
  • The flavor is amazing. Tastes like fresh squeezed fruit.
  • The other thing I love about True Citrus is that they support Feeding America and Girls on the Run. I love companies that are making an impact on their communities and the world.


Katie's Favorite True Citrus Products

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