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A Message From True Citrus

As our communities feel the increased impact of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus), the entire True Citrus team continues our commitment to the health and well-being of all of our customers and fellow Americans during this unprecedented and, understandably, stressful time.


In fact, our motto of “Be Healthy. Be Happy. Be True.” takes on a new sense of urgency today as people everywhere want to make sure they are doing everything they can to ensure they and their loved ones are indeed healthy and happy.


Our team is working tirelessly with all of our manufacturing and retail partners to maintain a steady supply of True Citrus products, which so many people have come to depend upon to help them drink the water they need and want. Good hydration remains an important part of supporting our immune systems because staying hydrated helps all the body's defenses function properly. As always, the True Citrus team is honored to be a part of our customers’ efforts to do just that.


We are also working to make sure we stay on top of the latest news in order to be another source of reliable and useful information. And, of course, we are working to holistically support our True Citrus family so that each of our valued team members can take care of those they love and treasure. We, and the world, are indeed in uncharted territory but this country – which is full of remarkable, caring people – will pull through this difficult time as we have done so many times before.


Our hearts and prayers are with all of those families already coping with the virus, and our hope is that by following the guidelines set forth by our healthcare experts, we all can work to keep more of our family, friends, neighbors and communities safe.


Follow this link for some current healthy lifestyle recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Take care and stay safe,

The True Citrus Team