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We Will Get Through This Together

Our lives have been disrupted in both large and small ways, some disruptions are simple and others are quite hard. Our jobs, schools, houses of worship, travel, sports, family, friends and community gatherings, just to name a few, are dislocated, interrupted or suspended. Our family’s health and safety are our number one concern. It is our resolve and strength, and the support of each other that will get each of us through these difficult times.


At True Citrus, we are a family. We work closely together to make the very products you have come to know and love. You too are members of our family and we have a passion for family! Your health and safety are critical during these unprecedented times and we are an important part of your support system. Our mission has always been creating delicious products that support and help you stay hydrated. Today, proper hydration takes on even more importance as being well hydrated is an integral part of supporting your immune system.


Our True Citrus team is rising to meet today’s challenges in inspiring ways, working hard to serve you while taking all of the necessary precautions to safeguard our own team’s well-being.   Whether working remotely or working on-site managing manufacturing and shipping operations, our team is committed to supporting your hydration needs. Our Retail and E-Commerce partners are also doing great work each day ensuring their shelves are quickly restocked. And our own online store is open 24 hours a day to conveniently serve your needs.


You are a member of the True Citrus family. Whether big or small, public or private, personal or professional, physical or financial, your sacrifices are making an important difference each day. And to those who are on the front lines, in harm’s way, we applaud, salute, and wholeheartedly thank you for your service.  


We have each other. We have a deep resolve and commitment to our family. We will get through this together. We raise our glass to you!


Robert V. Cuddihy, Jr.

Chief Executive Officer