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April 19, 2019

5 High-Energy Snacks that will Boost Productivity

We’ve all felt it – that sleepiness that seems to always descend around 3 o’clock in the afternoon. It usually means it’s time for a coffee break, or sneaking outside the office for a quick nap in your car. But there must be a better way!

Any time you go longer than about four hours without eating, energy levels will droop along with your eyelids. That sugary coffee drink might get you through the next 30-minutes or so, but you’ll be starving again by the next mealtime and probably end up overindulging.

Choosing nutrient-dense low-sugar snacks will ensure that your body has the fuel it needs to keep your mind alert, and your tummy satisfied until you’re ready for dinner!

5 High-Energy Snacks to Get You Through the Day

  1. Meat and Cheese Roll-ups
    This is a quick high-energy snack that’s super tasty (and without all the carbs)! Use thinly sliced turkey or ham, and roll up with a slice of provolone or Swiss cheese. For an added kick of flavor, dollop on some Dijon mustard. Just one or two of these roll-ups will get you over the afternoon slump.
  2. Basil Quinoa Salad
    This is a great recipe that you can make ahead of time, and portion throughout the week. This snack is packed full of slow-burning protein (eight grams per cup) and the fresh ingredients will perk up your taste buds. Quinoa also contains all nine essential amino acids, and is a great source of iron. Can’t beat that for a healthy pick-me-up!
  3. Nut Butter with Almost Anything
    The beauty of nut butter is that it’s full of good protein AND healthy fats – the slowest burning of all energy sources. Try cashew butter with apple slices, almond butter with a banana, or peanut butter on celery. There are so many combinations, you won’t get bored (or hungry later).
  4. Hard-Boiled Eggs
    Another great snack you can make all at once before starting your week, hard-boiled eggs are easy to bring along AND amazing for an energy boost. Our favorite ways to enjoy this snack are: drizzled with hot sauce, with a few slices of fresh tomato or avocado, or mashed into an egg salad.
  5. Water Enhancers
    Seemingly not an actual “snack”, however drinking plenty of water throughout the day will help curb your appetite and give your cells a hydrating boost of energy. Often we confuse thirst for hunger, so boosting the palpability of water will only make drinking up even easier. True Citrus products will ensure you’ll never get tired of reaching for that water bottle with these tasty flavors.

With these simple high-energy snack ideas, you’ll be ready to take on the second half of your day as readily as the first. So get on your way to a more healthy and energetic life!

Craving even more ideas? Try some of these amazing proteins (that aren’t chicken) for health and weight loss.


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