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Young woman stretching on a yoga mat in front of her couch.

5 Ways to Revamp & Refresh Your Workout Routine

You probably already know how healthy and invigorating it is to get into a good workout routine. But it's also too easy for a routine to get stale and even boring. Is a workout plateau weight loss occurring? Or are you just looking where to start getting in shape? If you're wondering how to mix-up and revamp your workout routine, the following are five small but important ways to refresh your workout routine or help with where to begin if you're starting a get in shape plan.

Woman on a yoga mat in her living room stretching.

1. Change Workout Routine Every Week

There are several easy options when it comes to changing your workout routine. Whether you're learning how to start a fitness routine or you're adjusting to a changing workout routine, there are several weight loss plateau solutions you can try.

- Use Bodyweight - Lose the weights and incorporate a bodyweight workout for fat loss. This means instead of lifting free weights or using a machine, you can use your own bodyweight to build strength and burn fat.

- Burn More Fat - A few great bodyweight exercises to burn fat include mountain climbers and burpees. HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training, is a good way to burn more fat.

-Switch Muscle Training - According to Verywell Fit, there are several ways to mix up muscle training. A few include switching days you work specific muscles, changing the order of exercises, and increasing or decreasing intensity.

Young woman listening to music and running through the woods on an autumn day.

2. Rotate Your Playlist

Almost everyone loves to listen to music while working out. The music you listen to can affect your workout by giving you the motivation to work out more intensely. Healthline states that music can get you working out harder even though you may not notice it.

Switching around faster and slower songs on your playlist can help you change the tempo and add some zest to your workout. Something as simple as the beats per minute in a song can actually influence your heart rate. This will jazz up your routine even if you're doing the same moves. This is an easy way to help break through a weight loss plateau. Motivation Mix is an excellent playlist to try to rev things up!

True Lemon Energy next to a workout mat, weights, and a water bottle.

3. Add a Great Energy Drink 

Nutrition makes a big difference in your overall health. A weight plateau occurs when you're still working out and following a healthy diet, but the scale won't budge. You might want to mix up your diet and add an energy drink. You'll want to look for a drink that offers clean, real ingredients and will keep you hydrated throughout your entire workout routine.

True Lemon® Energy Drink Mixes get their power from green tea while containing 100 percent of your daily Vitamin C needs. They also have as much caffeine as a cup of coffee and include delicious non-GMO ingredients. It's hard to go wrong with flavors like Wild Cherry Cranberry and Wild Blackberry Pomegranate. You'll want to try True Lemon® Energy Drink Mixes to fight dehydration while staying in shape.

Women with masks sit on yoga mats in a group, outdoors class.

4. Take a Group Class

When figuring out how to break through a weight loss plateau, you need to understand some of the weight loss plateau causes. Medical News Today states a few reasons why this occurs, including the body adapting to weight loss and workout routines. Another reason is that a person's metabolism will often slow down after following the same eating and workout routine.Taking a group class is an excellent way to revamp your workout. Working out with other people is a great way to increase your motivation. You'll also learn more by watching others perform moves, and may even reduce your chance of injury. Barre, pilates, and cycling are a few good classes to take, especially for body sculpting.

Woman in pink jumpsuit with a prosthetic leg on a run outdoors.

5. Get Outside as Often as Possible

Stronger workouts, more oxygen uptake, and improved mental wellbeing are a few benefits when getting outside. Not to mention, it's free! Some options for exercising outside to fight a body plateau and stay in great shape include:

-Changing Workout Routine Every Week - Try a new location for your workout. Fit Crunch suggests different places such as stairs in a stadium, or a local playground. Even a high school track might allow the public to work out when school isn't open.

-Changing Workout Routine Every Day - Even small changes can mix up your daily routine. You might park farther from the gym to add more steps. Something as simple as changing the time of day you exercise can also make a difference.

Changing Workout Routine Benefits - Benefits of getting outside often include lowering blood pressure, reducing sleep problems, and receiving natural sunlight, which can invigorate your mind.

Whether you're looking to break through a weight loss plateau or just looking for a few staying in shape 101 tips, following these suggestions can get you on the right track.