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March 31, 2017

Help for Medical Conditions

True Lemon can help with these common medical conditions: Celiac disease, kidney stones, and lactose intolerance.

Living Gluten-Free.
Gluten is a protein in wheat, rye and barley that's found nearly everywhere, in flavored coffee, beer, vegetable broth, packaged rice, commercially prepared vegetables, salad dressings, some ice creams and much more. It's even in products like medicines, vitamins, and lip balms. People who have celiac disease cannot tolerate gluten. True Lemon and all the True Citrus products are gluten free. Many celiac support groups use True Citrus products regularly. So if you have celiac's, feel confident adding True Lemon taste to the many good foods you can enjoy.

Preventing Kidney Stones.
Most kidney stones form when urine becomes concentrated, allowing minerals to stick together. If you or someone in your family has had kidney stones, you're at increased risk for developing more. True Lemon cant help with hereditary causes but can help with other risk factors, such as not drinking enough water, eating high-protein, high-sodium, or high-sugar diets, and being overweight. And while not conclusively proven, the citric acid levels in lemon juice and orange juice could reduce calcium levels in your urine, leading to fewer calcium kidney stones.

Lactose intolerance.
Lactose intolerance means not being able to fully digest the milk sugar (lactose) in dairy products. Symptoms include diarrhea, nausea, abdominal cramps, bloating and gas after eating dairy foods. Those with lactose intolerance must limit dairy in their diet. Check the labels - lactose is found in more places than you might expect! Places like cereals, instant soups, salad dressings, nondairy creamers, processed meats and baking mixes. And if you see these words: whey, milk byproducts, fat-free dry milk powder and dry milk solids - then lactose is present.

True Citrus products are completely lactose free and contain only simple and clean ingredients. So go ahead and liven up your dairy-free foods with 100%delicious fresh fruit taste and no calories or carbs.