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Are True Citrus Products TSA Friendly? Airplane Travel Trips from True Citrus

Is anyone else ready to start traveling again? We certainly are! All across the U.S. businesses are waking up and opening up to tourists, and flight bookings have increased drastically. It is a truly exciting time, and we are already planning what to pack for the next trip. 

Packing for a road trip is very different from flying, whether due to limited space or restrictive TSA guidelines. So what are the best travel tips to apply when packing for your next flight?

Limit the liquids

This may be a no-brainer, but it has been a while since many people have traveled by plane. Keep liquids to a quart-sized bag, and if bringing liquids in your carry-on bag each container must be 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less per item. So yes, this means you need to empty your water bottle before passing through the security check at the airport. If checking your bag, liquid containers can include  more than that - so when in doubt, stash them in your checked luggage. Here is the full TSA list of what you can and can’t bring in your carry-on or checked bag. 

Bring your beverage

Although liquid amounts are limited, you can bring your drink flavoring in powder form! The TSA powder rule permits you to bring 12 ounces or less in a carry-on bag. So are True Citrus products TSA friendly? They certainly are! Feel free to load up on True Citrus products before your trip and bring them along to stay hydrated and healthy. True Lime is a perfectly refreshing addition to your water bottle when flying your way to a vacation destination, but if you enjoy something a little sweeter try sweetened True Lime Limeades

Sneak the snacks

Many foods and snacks are a-ok by TSA standards, so rather than munching on fast airport foods bring your own healthy options along. Some great snacks to toss in your carry-on bag are: roasted nuts or seeds, crunchy carrot sticks or cucumber slices, beef jerky, low-sugar granola bars, tough fruits like apples or bananas, or individual almond butter packets. 

Here is the full alphabetical list of TSA food rules

Combo your clothing

We’re all guilty of over-packing. Instead of mindlessly throwing clothes into your suitcase, be mindful of each item you’re bringing and instead ask:

- Can I wear this item in a number of different ways? 
- Will these two pairs of shoes work with multiple outfits, so that I don’t have to bring a third pair? 
- Can I cross-over each item of clothing to multiple days of wear, rather than just one? 

When you can make one item of clothing wearable in many different ways, you can greatly reduce how much you’re lugging around in your bag. 

The next time you are jet-setting off to a new adventure, remember to stock up on the best powdered drink mixes with stevia to satiate that sweet tooth while you’re in the air.