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Wellness & Self-Care Tips for Your Staycation

Many of us are itching for a change of scenery. Whether fantasizing about flying to a far off destination, packing up the car and road tripping to visit friends and family, or simply imagining anywhere but here, we are all missing the excitement and adventure of travel. 

However, now is the perfect time to turn our focus inward. Rather than dreaming of an escape, use this unique opportunity (and some much needed time off) to have a staycation and practice wellness from home. 

Wellness & Self-Care Tips for Your Staycation at Home

Woman lounging in chair

Begin meditating once a day.

Meditation can feel uncomfortable at first, but settling into a regular practice (even just 5 minutes a day) will do wonders for your mental health. Headspace now has a few of their guided meditations available for free, and they are even offering a free year of meditations if you’re unemployed or furloughed.

Get better at relationships.

Whether spending more time alone or with your family, you may begin to notice some ongoing struggles or patterns you have within your relationships. Perhaps you are having the same argument with your partner over and over, or you’re missing dating but realize it is going to have to look differently than it used to. Explore your personal inner workings on a deeper level, dive in to understanding your patterns, and create new space for growth. Check out these relationship books and order a few online through your local community bookstore. Mark Groves, self-proclaimed Human Connection Specialist, also has some amazing online classes available through his website that you can do from home.

Woman riding a bike

Learn through exercise. 

Never rollerbladed before? How about longboarding, biking, stand-up paddleboarding, or rollerskating? Why not learn something new! These are fun ways to keep up your fitness while activating your problem-solving skills. When you try a different activity you create new neurological connections in the brain, which will boost your mood and make you feel fulfilled and energized. Remember to take precautions before attempting these activities by doing some good stretching, and wearing safety gear such as pads and a helmet (especially if it’s your first time).

Develop a new healthy habit.

Maybe you want to start flossing. Maybe you want to bounce back from overindulging when you were emotionally eating earlier this year. (Weren’t we all?) No matter how large or small, creating new healthy habits forms a strong foundation for overall wellness. Getting more sleep improves productivity and mental health, filling up your plate with veggies will mean more nutrients and less room for carbohydrates, and using less salt while cooking at home will reduce your risk of hypertension. These are all excellent habits to adopt while enjoying your staycation at home. 
True Citrus Salt Free Seasoning Blends make it easy to add delicious flavors to all of your favorite meals and recipes. They are the perfect way to make food taste great while cutting out the salt.

Woman with cucumbers on eyes at spa

Create a spa day at home.

Clear out a chunk of time to treat yourself to some true self-care, right at home. Fill a pitcher with cold water and add a few packets of True Lemon Fruit Infusions Lemon Cucumber and keep in the fridge to sip on throughout your spa day. Take a long bubble bath, or a long hot shower - really enjoying your time in the soothing water. Pumice dry feet and exfoliate well. Afterwards, take care of your skin by slathering yourself in coconut oil or moisturizer. Then give yourself a full mani/pedi (with or without polish), spread on a face mask, and sip on your True Lemon spa water while you relax and let everything dry. Breathe.

Although we are all looking for ways to escape right now, there are plenty of ways to have a wonderfully relaxing staycation right at home. With these self-care tips you’ll emerge from your time off feeling more positive, relaxed, and rejuvenated.

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