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Fun Summer Backyard Activities for Kids

Are the kids out of school and looking for activities? It may seem like their attention spans are short. But the truth is that kids are easily entertained! They can enjoy hours of fun with the simplest things, like cardboard boxes built into a fort.

Anything from a water hose to the largest play structure can keep your children busy during holidays or time out of school. So take advantage of good weather and find a way to get them outdoors!

Benefits To Being Outdoors

1.) Both kids and adults get multiple benefits from spending time outdoors. It can be a way to relax and take time for yourself or an opportunity to socialize with friends and family.

2.) Being outside boosts our immune system! Vitamin D strengthens bones, muscles and helps fight inflammation. And our main source of Vitamin D is from sunlight absorbed through our skin.

3.) Natural light has also been shown to increase our mental health and energy levels. And don’t forget that walking, hiking and other outdoor activities are great for exercise, cardiovascular health and reducing stress. All of that just makes you feel good!

Remember To Stay Hydrated

Being outdoors is great for our health and staying properly hydrated, especially in warmer weather, is equally important! Before you plan your outdoor activities, make sure you are ready to sip, sip, sip throughout the day.

True Citrus makes it easier to stay hydrated so you can keep having fun and crushing life. The convenient packets are perfect to take on the go. Just pour into your cup or bottle of water and shake it up. A variety of flavors gives you endless options for the perfect fruity refreshment. The better your water tastes, the more you’ll want to drink!

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This blog brought to you by True Lemon Kids
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Backyard Ideas For Kids On Any Budget

There are endless ideas for outdoor activities to keep your kids occupied. Here are some great ways to utilize your outdoor space and create some fun and imaginative kid friendly backyard ideas. The adults may enjoy them too. (Wink! Wink!)

Water In The Hole!

Kids love to be in the water. A home pool would be great. But if you don’t want the cost and upkeep, pull out that handy dandy water hose and have some fun! A hose, balloons and a large piece of plastic can be one of the cheapest and easiest ways to create outdoor activities for your kids. And they will absolutely love it!

There are so many fun options here...

1.) Just turn on the hose and let them have a ball!

2.) Put sprinklers out and watch the kiddos run and jump through the water. Add a tarp and you have a homemade splash pad.

3.) Fill up balloons and have a water balloon fight!

4.) Lay a long piece of plastic or tarp on the ground and soak it in water – it’s a DIY backyard slip and slide.

5.) Try a water fun cup race.

And whether you have a pool or not, don’t doubt the hours of endless joy and fun pool noodles can produce.

Build a Sandbox

With a little bit of space and minimal amount of maintenance, you can create a fun backyard sandbox that will keep your kids occupied for hours. The best part – it can be as small or as large as you’d like. Table sandboxes will hold enough dirt to make a track for toy cars and trucks. And with an old pallet or plywood you can make a relaxing little oasis for your kids. Sand and water will make you feel like you’re at the beach. Perfect for building sandcastles!

Swing Into Fun with a Swing Set

Encourage your kids to play outside with a fun classic swing set. They’ll enjoy the swinging in the breeze on a couple of swing seats. With a trapeze bar or monkey bars, they can also get some extra exercise. If you have the space and budget, you could even add a slide! Once they get one good slide, they will never want to stop. (If you already have one, you know what we’re talking about!)

Chalk It Up To The Sidewalk

Sidewalk chalk is so much fun…for kids AND adults! Set up a classic favorite game – hopscotch. And then try different variations. You can go forwards, go backwards, hop for speed or change up the shapes and sizes. It’s a great way to build up your child’s balance, coordination and spatial awareness.

And guess what – chalk is not just for sidewalks! Have some fun creating new artwork on a backyard fence. Chalkboard paint is an easy and great way to add a chalkboard wall anywhere around your home. Paint a section on a fence or outdoor wall, add a few pieces of painted wood to frame the area, and you’ve got your very own chalkboard!

Build an Obstacle Course

Remember when you were a kid and how much fun you had just running around, jumping over hurdles and crawling under things? Your kids love it, too! So why not create your own course in the backyard?

Utilize things around the house or outdoors to create fun obstacles. Throw a few chairs or benches around to crawl under or climb over. (Pool noodles are great here too!) And a few pieces of sturdy wood can be the perfect balance beam. Set up your space anyway you prefer for a fun adventure!

A young boy gardening with their mom

Grow a Garden

Kids love getting dirty! And when they put their effort into something, like a garden, they will enjoy taking care of it that much more. Give them an opportunity to create their own garden with easy, kid friendly plants. Not only will they get something pretty from it, but they will also learn a little about responsibility.

Create Outdoor Art

We know how messy art can be sometimes. When the kids have an urge to color or paint, give them an extra dose of sunshine and move the art supplies outdoors! This is great for those bigger projects, and even allows them more freedom to get dirty and have fun with it.

Know what else you can use for outdoor art? Mud pies!

A girl climbing a playground rock wall

Climb a Wall

If your kids love sports and outdoor activities, then they will probably enjoy climbing, too! Add a climbing wall to the backyard. It’s another great way for your kids to get exercise in. Move your own workout outdoors and you can exercise together. Purchase a rock climbing wall or DIY your own for your space.

Go Camping

Let’s face it - backyard camping can be fun for the entire family! Keep to your budget while having a mini staycation at the same time. Pitch a tent in the backyard, build a fire and roast s’mores. Tell ghost stories, play games or read together. There are so many ways to have fun with a backyard campsite – maybe even a few campfire songs! The best part? The amenities are still close by!

Bug Scavenger Hunt

Get those little brains working and keep them occupied for a while with a fun scavenger hunt. Try a bug hunt! Super simple, and they will learn about identifying different critters. It’s a fun and easy way to keep them busy while you get some gardening or housework accomplished.

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