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May 23, 2024

Fun & Fabulous Tea Party Ideas with True Lemon


Why sip solo when you can par-tea? Tea parties are brewing up a storm as the latest trend for all ages!  

Whether you're toasting to a birthday party, a bridal shower, a baby shower, or just enjoying an afternoon, a tea party is your cup of fun. In this blog post, True Lemon is here to revamp your gathering with fun and fabulous tea party ideas. Get ready to pour on the charm, sprinkle in some giggles, and brighten your day with every delightful sip! 🎉🫖 

Sip in Style: Tea Party Themes & Decor

A smashing theme doesn’t just add flair to your tea party; it steeps it in style from the first sip! When every detail aligns, from the darling invitations to the dazzling outfits, your tea party transforms from a simple gathering to a splendid soiree. These creative themes are sure to turn your get-together into a tasteful function!

Mood board for a garden or floral themed tea party

Garden/Floral: Natural Elegance  

Transform your outdoor space into a picturesque garden oasis. Use fresh flowers and scatter natural elements throughout the area to immerse guests in a serene, botanical wonderland. 

🎈 Decorations: Opt for floral-patterned or pink tablecloths and cloth napkins. Centerpieces could be elegant vases filled with fresh flowers such as roses, peonies, or lilies. Hang fairy lights to create a magical evening atmosphere. 

👗 Attire: Encourage guests to wear light, airy dresses complemented by floral accessories, such as flower crowns or botanical-themed jewelry. 

🍰 Menu: Serve herbal teas like chamomile or lavender, accompanied by light, floral-infused desserts such as lavender cookies or rose petal cupcakes. Sprinkle True Lemon wedge replacements around your table to let guests add citrusy flavor to their garden-inspired tea.  

🖌️ Activities: Set up a flower-arranging station where guests can create their own bouquets to take home, enhancing the floral experience. 

Mood board for a vintage themed high tea party

Vintage High Tea: Timeless Fun 

Channel your inner aristocrat with a vintage high tea! Encourage guests to don whimsical hats and pearls. Incorporate teapots, cups, and mismatched saucers to serve up a scene straight out of a classic novel. 

🎈 Decorations:  Use antique silver teapots, crystal glassware, and fine China teacups. Lace tablecloths and vintage napkins will enhance the old-world feel. (Pro Tip: Hit the thrift trail for a budget-friendly treasure hunt! Scour local thrift shops and flea markets to snag vintage gems that won't break the bank.) 

👗 Attire: Suggest that guests dress in vintage-style dresses, gloves, and pearls. Adding a hat station where guests can choose a vintage hat to wear can also be a fun touch. 

🍰 Menu: Offer traditional teas like Earl Grey and Assam, paired with quintessential British tea-time treats such as lemon cake, scones, finger sandwiches, and Victoria sponge cake. 

🖌️ Activities: Organize a mini etiquette workshop or a brief talk about the history of tea, adding educational value to the nostalgic setting. 

Mood board for a mad hatter whimsical themed tea party

Mad Hatter: Whimsical Wonderland 

Dive down the rabbit hole for a Mad Hatter tea party! Quirky, colorful, and utterly enchanting, this themed party is perfect for those who love a splash of the nonsensical. Mix bold patterns, a bright color scheme, and fantastical decorations to keep the spirits as high as the tea is hot. 

🎈 Decorations: Use bright tablecloths, mismatched chairs, and vibrant napkins. Incorporate playing cards, pocket watches, and keys as whimsical decor elements. Oversized hats or chess pieces can serve as unique centerpieces. 

👗 Attire: Encourage bold, colorful outfits and oversized hats. Provide a selection of funky accessories at a dressing station for guests to get into character. 

🍰 Menu: Serve a variety of teas, each with its own whimsical name and description. Pair with eclectic food choices such as checkerboard sandwiches, 'eat me' cookies, and 'drink me' potions. 

🖌️ Activities: Set up a croquet game or have a hat-making craft station. Organize a costume contest for the most creatively dressed guests to enhance the playful atmosphere. 

Prepping Your Party 

Every unforgettable tea party starts with the perfect plan. Here's how you can set the stage for a splendid afternoon filled with laughter, elegance, and a dash of whimsy! 

1. Designing Menus 

Craft a menu that complements your theme! Whether it's dainty sandwiches or sweet pastries, ensure your treats pair perfectly with True Lemon’s delightful iced teas

2. Sending Invitations 

Your invitations set the tone—make them as enchanting as your party theme! Use bright colors, playful fonts, and perhaps a hint of glitter to capture the excitement of what's to come. 

3. Location 

Choose a spot that speaks to the theme. A lush garden, a cozy dining room, or a sunlit patio can transform your tea party into a magical affair. 

4. Playlist Creation 

This is the perfect opportunity to curate a playlist that mirrors the mood of your decade theme or keeps spirits light with classical or jazz tunes. 

5. Thrift Store Treasures 

Embrace the charm of thrifting to find: 

  • Fancy hats 
  • Tiered trays 
  • Tea sets 
  • Vases 
  • And other glassware 

Each piece adds its own story to your party décor, making the gathering even more personalized and special. 

6. Creative Activities

Add a twist of fun with engaging activities that will keep your party guests smiling: 

  1. Painting Party: From wine glasses to funny portraits, let your guests express their inner artists. Teacups can also be painted to match your theme! 
  2. Build-Your-Own Bouquet: Set up a station with various flowers and let everyone create their own bouquet to take home. 
  3. Book Club: Incorporate a literary element by discussing a book that fits your theme. It’s a refined way to stir up stimulating conversations. 
  4. Party Games: Incorporate a tea-tasting contest to add an interactive element to your tea party and allow guests to explore different flavors. 
    Two women holding a platter of iced teas outside


    A Brew-tiful Selection of Tea!

    A tea party without tea is like a garden without flowers—unthinkable! Here’s how to ensure your brew is as spectacular as your gathering. 

    Serving Hot Tea 

    Offer a variety of hot teas to suit every palate. Brew several pots of popular varieties or set up a DIY tea station where guests can choose their own adventure with an assortment of tea bags. Consider these beloved classics: 

    • English Breakfast: A robust start to any tea tale. 
    • Earl Grey: Fragrantly accented with bergamot for a touch of aristocracy. 
    • Chamomile: A floral lullaby in a cup. 
    • Green Tea: A lush voyage of delicate flavors. 
    • Fruit & Herbal Teas: A carnival of colors and tastes. 

    Enhance the experience by including True Lemon packets—perfect for a citrusy twist—along with milk, honey, sugar cubes, and even edible flowers. Our crystalized wedge replacements add a refreshing citrus flavor to your tea without the hassle of cutting, juicing, and cleaning up fresh fruit. 

    Serving Cold Tea

    When the sun salutes your soiree with its warmest rays, cool down with a pitcher of True Lemon Iced Tea or True Lemon Peach Iced Tea. These refreshing options are not just thirst-quenchers but also a vibrant addition to any tea party. 

    Pinkies Up for True Lemon Tea Recipes 

    Get inspired with some of our delicious recipes that are sure to impress! 

    Blue and White vintage tea set on a white table cloth

    Teatime Treats

    What's a sip without a nibble? Delight your guests with a spread of both sweet and savory treats that pair wonderfully with your tea selection.  

    • Cucumber Tea Sandwiches: Finger sandwiches are a classic refreshment, as crisp and cool as a spring morning. 
    • Scones and Jam: Fluffy scones paired with sweet strawberry jam — simple, yet utterly divine. 
    • Lemon Cake: Zesty and moist, each slice is a bright burst of sunshine. 
    • Mini Quiches: Savory bites filled with creamy goodness and vibrant veggies. 
    • Petit Fours: Delicate and decorative, these mini cakes are a feast for the eyes and the palate. 
    • Lemon Bars: Tangy and sweet, these bars add a lemony lift to your treat table. 
    • Mini Tarts: Bite-sized bliss filled with fruit or custard, perfect for a light indulgence. 
    • Deviled Eggs: A savory staple that’s both creamy and zesty, with a sprinkle of paprika. 
    Infographic for True Citrus about tea party products

    Pouring Perfection: Elevate Your Tea Party Experience with True Lemon

    Cap off your chic tea party with a sprinkle of True Lemon’s magic! Why settle for ordinary when you can zest up your guest's tea experience with the delightful tang of True Lemon? Here’s how True Lemon adds that special twist to your elegant affair: 

    • Convenient Creativity: True Lemon packets are your secret weapon for effortless elegance.  
    • Simply Sublime: With simple ingredients, True Lemon brings a happy and delicious addition to both hot and iced teas. 
    • Taste the Difference: The crisp, refreshing taste of True Lemon enhances every sip, turning a simple drink into a gourmet experience.  

    And don't forget, the versatility of True Lemon isn't just for teas. Sprinkle it on sweets or savories to amplify the flavors of your tea party treats! 

    Ready to Host Your Unforgettable Tea Party? 

    Stock up on True Lemon products today and discover how easy it is to curate a fun time for your gathering. Find a store near you or visit our website, fill your cart with goodies, and get ready to host an afternoon tea party fit for a queen or king! 


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