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True Lemon Kids: Delicious and Better-For-You Fuel for School

It can be difficult to get kids to drink plain old water. Water isn’t nearly as fun as a sugary-sweet soda, juice box, or sports drink! Now that kids are heading back to school, how do you make sure that their growing bodies are getting enough water during the day? And how can you make sure they’re making healthy choices, and tempted by tasty drinks without all the added sugar?

Here’s the truth about the usual drinks that kids normally take to school for lunch:

True Lemon Kids

They often contain a lot of sugar.

Although a moderate amount of sugar isn’t bad, the CDC recommends that children should get less than 10% of their daily calories from sugar - that’s the exact same amount that they recommend for adults. This means kids can stand to cut back on sugar, and losing the sugar-filled beverages is a great place to start. True Lemon Kids healthy drink mixes only contain 2 tiny grams of sugar per 8 ounce serving. That amount is 92% less sugar than the average juice or soda marketed to children.

True Lemon Kids

They can contain added colors, dyes, and preservatives.

The healthiest flavored water you can find wouldn’t contain a bunch of dyes or flavors that are potentially harmful to kids. True Lemon Kids healthy, alternative drink mixes don’t contain any dyes - the colors are sourced from fruits and vegetables.

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If they don’t contain sugar, they use artificial sweeteners.

Artificial sweeteners can still be problematic, even though we are told that they are a preferable option over sugar. True Lemon Kids are the perfect drinks for kids if you want to be sure that artificial sweeteners don’t make their way into your child’s diet.

Now we are preparing to go back to school, choose healthy drink options for kids so that they aren’t tempted by the unhealthy alternatives out there. True Lemon Kids flavored drink mixes are delicious, refreshing, with an array of kid-approved flavors like True Lemon Kids Groovy Grape and True Lemon Kids Blue Raspberry. Better yet, you’ll be fueling your child’s back-to-school hydration with flavored drink mixes that include only simple ingredients that you can feel good about.