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February 14, 2018

Love SomeBODY: Valentine's Day Recipes That Show You Care

February 14th is traditionally celebrated with chocolate candies and sweets, and although these treats can be enjoyed in moderation there are better (healthier) ways to share the love!

This Valentines Day, create a healthy meal to serve your loved one that will nourish them fully. A celebration can be overflowing with delicious foods that are also healthy and nutritious! Here are a few of our favorites to make for a special dinner.

Healthy Valentine's Day Dinner Recipes


Ginger Spice Roasted Nuts
Roasting these nuts will fill your home with a smell that will say "I love you" to anyone who may enter it!

True Lemon Pepper Zucchini Patties
These patties are a pan-fried savory treat that are accompanied with a creamy and tangy dipping sauce. A great starter for a romantic dinner.  

True Lime Tomato Salsa
Preparing a Mexican-style feast? This fresh appetizer will perk up your loved ones palate without filling them up before the main course.


Almond Chicken with True Lemon Cream Sauce
Deliciously decadent and buttery with a zip of lemon! Sprinkle a hearty helping of freshly chopped herbs over this dish, and serve with a side of seasonal steamed veggies.

Jackfruit BBQ Pulled Pork Style Sandwiches
We love jackfruit as a vegetarian substitute for pork, and these sandwiches are so yummy you won't even miss the meat. Perfect for a more casual Valentine's Day feast.

Easy Weeknight Curry with True Lime
A wonderfully rich dish that is sure to spice up the evening! Make it extra special by adding a hearty helping of fresh seafood.

True Lemon Garlic Shrimp Pasta
Chill some white wine, make a big fresh salad, toast some crusty whole-grain bread, cook up this recipe, and enjoy your tasty Italian feast.


True Lime Fish Tacos
The bright flavors of summertime will warm the heart of anyone. These fish tacos are delicious and refreshing, and full of nutritious ingredients.


True Lemon Balsamic Strawberries with Whipped Mascarpone Cheese
It might sound complicated, but this recipe is actually very easy to make and tastes amazingly decadent.

Fresh Fruit Lively Dip
After a full meal a light dessert is a wonderful way to wrap up. Serve this dip with sliced seasonal fruit, and a generous handful of fresh mint.

Orange Chocolate Mousse
Simple to throw together and oh-so-creamy! Make it ahead of time to make meal prep even easier.

Flan with True Lemon
Although this recipe takes a little additional time, nothing beats homemade flan. The creamy caramel flavor will make any loved one feel pampered.

Whatever you have planned this Valentines Day, we hope yours is filled with love and joy!