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In the right side of the image are cups of steeped butterfly pea flower tea. The teal is a bright teal. Dried flowers are arranged around the cups.

What Are the Benefits of Butterfly Pea Flower Tea (Blue Tea)?

Have you heard of butterfly pea flower tea?

We know; it's a mouthful.

Also known as blue tea, this herbal beverage is made from the Clitoria ternatea flower. Thanks to its many health benefits and high antioxidant levels, this tea is something special. But that's not all. 

When this tea's pH changes, so does its color.

Fancy a squeeze of lemon? If so, you can watch your blue hue tea turn purple. This concoction is called a magical lemonade — but more on that shortly. Here's why butterfly pea flower tea is worth your attention.

A purple butterfly pea flower on a bright green vine.

A Closer Look at Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

Native to Southeast Asia, butterfly pea flowers are traditionally valued in Thai cooking because of their bright, changing blue hue. Used for tea, sticky rice dishes, a range of desserts, and as a base for brightly-colored beverages, this flower has caught the Western world's attention. 

It's a fun culinary ingredient since this flower is so vibrant and can change color. However, the butterfly pea flower also boasts health benefits. Like blueberries and other richly-colored foods, this flower contains a high amount of anthocyanins — a type of antioxidant.

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Benefits

Whether you seek a tea that will support your weight loss journey or encourage optimal cardiac wellness, butterfly pea flower tea benefits are wide-reaching. 

Clitoria ternatea has long been used in traditional medicine, which sparked researchers' interest. Several animal studies have shown the vast range of benefits associated with this plant, including its antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antioxidant, and wound healing properties. Butterfly pea flower extract is also being studied for its potential ability to improve cognitive brain function.

Research shows that this food-colorant increases antioxidant levels post-consumption and helps stabilize blood sugar levels. This flower's antioxidant properties are also being studied because of its potential ability to promote optimal hair and skin health. This 2021 study found that butterfly pea extract may increase skin hydration by up to 70%.

How to Enjoy Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

A gif of butterfly pea flower being steeped in a clear cup. You can see the tendrils of blue come out of the steeper.

If you're someone who drinks green tea because of its nutritional benefits, then you should add butterfly pea flower tea to your collection.

Brewing this excellent tea is simple, and based on its versatility, you can enjoy it in many different ways.

Boil blue pea flower petals for 5-10 minutes. You can consume it hot or cold. Make some ahead of time to consumer post meals to help aid digestion. 

Here is how to properly make butterfly pea flower tea, served hot or cold. This tea mixed with lemonade is a classic alternative, discussed below. 

Here are some suggestions to jazz up this beverage and elevate the associated butterfly pea flower tea benefits:

- When boiling the petals, add other herbs or ingredients, such as dried lemongrass or hibiscus leaves.
- To sweeten your tea, add some wildflower honey, or for extra flavor, add fresh mint. 
- To watch your tea change colors while enjoying the taste of lemon, lime, grapefruit, or orange, add True Citrus Crystallized Wedge Replacements.

A gif of a packet of True Lemon being poured into butterfly pea flower tea. The deep blue turns into a pink when the crystals are poured in.

Don't Forget About Magical Lemonade

There are all kinds of brightly colored beverages, but these options are colored with artificial ingredients. That's not the case with butterfly pea flower tea lemonade. 

You can enjoy a bright, fun, and refreshing drink without adding anything questionable when making magical lemonade. Once the pH of blue tea changes, so does the color of your drink. This effect is thanks to the acidity of True Lemon. The deep blue hue turns to a beautiful magenta color when adding lemon. 

Butterfly pea flower tea doesn't have much flavor — it's more earthy tasting than anything. If you'd like to make a batch of magical lemonade that tastes like lemonade, check out these healthy drink mixes. Again, it's easy to add a splash of flavor with True Citrus Crystallized Wedge Replacements. No need to worry about any artificial sweeteners.

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