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Two children in a white kitchen stirring True Lemon packets into their glasses of water

Why You Should Add True Lemon Kids to Your Child's Routine

Did you know that approximately 1 in 5 children in the U.S. don’t drink any water at all during the day? Children are easily tempted by sugary fruit juices and sodas, which is sadly a big reason why childhood obesity is on the rise. 

The great news is that once you start replacing sugary drinks with water or other low sugar kids drink substitutes, you can help reduce their sugar and calorie intake significantly. According to a recent study published in JAMA Pediatrics, getting children to drink more water will help them reduce their caloric intake by around 100 calories every day. That’s a lot!

Here are some important reasons why adding True Lemon Kids healthy drink mixes to your child’s routine now will help them grow up into strong, healthy, happy, well-hydrated adults in the future.

True Lemon Kids Drink Mixes are…

Little boy sits on the counter and hold a thumbs up, while holding a box of True Lemon Kids in his other hand.

… a great way to quench your thirst. 

Without all of the sugar and added calories, kids can drink as much as they want! 

Young boy holds out a box of True Lemon Kids toward the camera.

… drinks without artificial sweeteners.

As with all True Citrus products, our kids' drink mixes never contain artificial sweeteners.

A mom sits on the couch as her daughter hands upside down on it. They are both laughing and drinking True Lemon.

… a healthy drink for kids.

True Lemon Kids drink mixes are excellent sources of vitamins A, C, and E, making them an ideal addition to any well rounded diet.

Three brothers smile and hold up a glass of water and a box of True Lemon Kids.

… easy drinks to make at home. 

Simply mix one packet into a glass of water, or shake up into a water bottle! Here are more simple drink recipe ideas to make with your kids

Boxes of True Lemon Kids and packets are spread on a table next to two big cups filled with straws.

… healthy kid drinks for school.

Easier to pack than a carton of milk or juice box, True Lemon Kids Drink mixes are super easy to throw in a lunch bag or backpack.

Two kids play in a sprinkler outside and drink lemonade.

… excellent low sugar drinks for kids.

With 92% less sugar than juice and soda, these are drink mixes you can feel good about. 

Ultimately, one of the best ways you can support a healthy future for your kids is to make healthy choices for yourself. Your healthy habits will set a good example for them to make healthy choices as well! In case you need a refresher on easy ways to reduce your intake of sugary drinks, this is how to drink more water each and every day! 

Encouraging kids to drink more water now with True Lemon Kids is a wonderful way to start them on the path to a healthier adulthood.