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A birds-eye view of a Thanksgiving spread. On the table there are eight plates, small pumpkins, orange and white candles, a golden turkey, a pumpkin pie, and some other small plates of food.

10 Clean Eating Swaps to Make this Fall

Tis the season to top your table with rich and indulgent fare, but there are many ways to keep things healthy without missing out on the holiday foods that you love! If you want to find ways to eat clean, these sumptuous food swaps will keep your holiday meal plan a little lighter, so that you will be able to go back for second helpings.

At True Citrus, we love keeping you up to date with the latest tips for improving health. We're excited to share some of our favorite finds that will not only be easier on your body this holiday season, but make it healthier and more festive than ever!

10 Clean Eating Swaps to Make this Fall

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That cheese plate may call out for crackers, but a healthy alternative is slices of seasonal apples. You can go sweet or tart depending on your cheddar, and you get the added benefit of that crisp fall flavor. Apples can also be a part of other healthy fall snacks when paired with almond butter, wrapped with prosciutto and arugula leaves, or even simply sprinkled with cinnamon or True Orange Ginger Seasoning Blend.

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There is nothing like the crispy bite of fried chicken, but those calories add up quickly. One of the best healthy alternatives is swapping out the fried food for shrimp cocktail. Whether fresh or frozen, this appetizer is rich in protein, and displays beautifully with a spicy & festive cocktail sauce. If your guests are inclined to snack before the meal, this easy fall recipe is a decadent and healthy switch.

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If you practice this substitution you’ll be amazed at the fact that you (and your kids) won’t even notice the swap! For a creamy texture, keep half of the potatoes and sub cauliflower for the 2nd half. Simply cook the cauliflower and add it to the mix! When mashed and buttered, this cauliflower and potato combo comes out so fluffy you won’t want to go back to the old version.

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Skip the sugary cola and all of the added calories it contains. Instead, sip sparkling water jazzed up with a sprinkle of flavor that will compliment your seasonal dishes. The refreshing taste of True Lemon Fruit Infusions will have you cool as a cucumber around your bustling relatives. This swap might even keep you so satiated that you won’t be tempted for sweets after dinner. 

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Pies are delightful seasonal favorites, but many contain around 500 calories per slice. Try going crustless on your pumpkin pie and you’ll feel satisfied rather than stuffed. This way you can enjoy the best part of pie with a sneaky cut of calories.  

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Just because there is spinach in it doesn’t mean creamed spinach is a healthy dish. Traditionally, this side dish is brimming with milk, butter, and cheese. However, a lighter version limits the cream and ups the veggies by adding other green favorites like broccoli or zucchini into the mix for added vitamins & nutrients. You still get plenty of flavor from the spinach, but an added nourishing boost from other vegetables too. 

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Because Stevia is more sweet than sugar, you will use a lot less of it. If you’re new to this swap, try using it as a substitute in your sweet holiday baking. True Citrus’ healthy sweetened drink mixes also contain Stevia as a sweetener. 

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Trade out standard pasta with Shirataki noodles. These noodles have 100% fiber content which makes them low in calories and carb-free. Shirataki comes in all forms, such as macaroni, spaghetti, and angel hair, making them a great substitute for your holiday dishes. You can even add a richer sauce to these noodles with less guilt!

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You never know how salty your Aunt Alice’s stuffing is going to be, so leave that salt shaker sitting until after your first bite. When cooking, use sodium-free seasoning blends to bring out the flavors of food without added sodium. With seasonings made simply, our salt-free seasonings are great sprinkled on top of pasta, rice, or steamed vegetables - no sauce needed. Your sides this fall season will be fresher than ever!

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It may be a holiday favorite, but this festive beverage (without alcohol) contains almost 350 calories and 21 grams of sugar. That’s more than half of the recommended allotment for the entire day! Instead of a hefty glass of eggnog, tickle your tastebuds by sipping a small glass of light champagne bubbles. The effervescence helps keep consumption slow, and sparkling wine has far fewer calories. 

With these healthy eating tips and simple swaps to make this fall you can raise a glass knowing that you will be celebrating the holiday season without sacrificing your healthy lifestyle.

Another one of the best ways to liven up your holidays is with True Citrus! Check out our creative seasonings and spices to add even more flavor to your holiday menu.