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December 09, 2018

Giving Thoughtful Gifts | A Holiday Gift Guide

No matter how well we know our loved ones, it can be difficult coming up with unique and thoughtful gifts to give during the holidays. We want the people we love to feel joy when they open their presents. We want them to feel loved and appreciated, and to understand that their present was picked specifically because it would be a meaningful gift to them.

Instead of purchasing the latest expensive gadget on the market or another pair of socks to give away, why not put a little extra thought into your holiday gifts this year? We have some great ideas for thoughtful and meaningful gifts that will keep on giving.

Your Meaningful Holiday Gift Guide

Gift a vacation.
There are gift cards available now at large grocery chains for companies like Southwest Airlines and Airbnb. Even loading a gift card with a small amount of money will allow the recipient to apply it towards a larger travel purchase. It is a gift that will create memories in the future to be cherished for a lifetime. Encourage your loved one to explore and see the world!

Gift your time.
Have a friend that just had a baby? Offer them three nights of free babysitting. How about a loved one that is getting older and struggling to keep up with daily tasks? Offer to help them clean the house, or drop off dinner a couple of times this month. Giving the thoughtful gift of time will help strengthen your relationship with others, and also provide your friend or family member with a little extra help and support when they need it.

Gift an activity.
Buy tickets for them to see their favorite band, or find a popular play that will be in town that you know they'll love. Reserve a lane at a bowling alley when you know your loved one will be free, and get together friends to join. Check out Groupon to see if there are fun activities with 2-for-1 tickets, such as horseback riding adventures, special film screening events, or dancing lessons.

Gift a subscription service.
There are mail order subscriptions where you can have monthly boxes delivered to your loved one containing anything from healthy meal packages to running supplies, or makeup kits to whiskey flights. The possibilities are endless, and you wont have trouble finding a gift box to fit any personality. The best part? This gift keeps arriving at their door every month! Choose the amount you want to spend, then cancel the subscription after a few months depending on your budget. They can choose to continue the service if they like, or just enjoy the boxes they already received.

Gift better treats.
Candy and chocolate may seem like wonderful treats, but homemade cookies are even better. Use the best ingredients to bake your desserts, and check out the recipes we have using True Citrus products. Find small festive cookie tins to make the experience even more enjoyable. Handmade desserts take a little more time, but they make for more meaningful gifts.

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